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Introduction, few thoughts too

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    Mike C

    Hello, I’m Mike.

    Read about this project a few years ago, became pretty interested because I always thought that there were better ways to run a gov’t, that small gov’t would be better for the people and reduce a lot of the complications large gov’t creates. I would love to live somewhere like a seastead, if not then a homestead off-grid.


    I think to make a successful seastead you need to make money, have an economy, and the best way to do this off-shore would be to set up a banking system to attract people who would like to store their money elsewhere.

    Setting up web and file servers would also be a good business, after all piratebay tried to buy that one oil rig and many other people would like to have that security, also many countries may prevent their citizens from having free speech on their sites (just to make sure, I’m not condoning software piracy).

    Then of course the usual sea stuff like diving and something to attract tourists.

    Coming up with a business plan is one way to get investors, especially ones who want to invest a lot of money and see a return.


    I’ve also thought of a few designs, have no idea if they would be viable but I’m pretty good with coming up with ideas on how to accomplish something. I think it would be hard to make the platform for outside use, you would need something to protect against the winds as I don’t imagine much moving (I mean hurricanes are bad in the ocean but don’t they get worse the closer to land they get?)


    I think the most important thing is to get backing to do this, I mean if you can get all the would-be citizens to help build the seastead (I imagine something that can be pieced together for easy build/repair) that would cut down on cost.


    anyways that’s enough for now…


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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