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    By replying, at least until users can start new threads…

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    I’m a graduate student in economics (thus possessing, as far as I know, neither any usefull skills for the project nor money with which to help. But I’d be happy to be proven wrong on that account.) Unlike some of the people interested in seasteading, I’m not an anarchist, but rather a moderate libertarian with some conservative leanings. The main reason I’m interested in seasteading is my increasing belief that we just don’t know, and can never know in the current nation-state system, what forms of governance lead to the greatest human flourishing. Outside of starting new states free to experiment with different, and sometimes radical forms of organization, I see no hope of answering these questions, and seasteading seems like a realistic way to begin to examine these issues.

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    Hello, this is Matthew Lee. I am a fourteen year old who has an interest in seasteading and the engineering and political challenges it presents.


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    Greetings to all from the southern Philippines!

    An explicit libertarian since reading Rand at a tender age, I got interested in the New Country movement in the early Seventies, somehow managing not to meet any of the really interesting people in it…

    I make my living doing technical translations (French and German to English, English to French), writing, editing and publishing technical books and selling copies of technical documents in obscure fields of engineering and technology. Find me at http://autodidactics.archivale.com

    Useful skills? Well I’m a mechanical/aeronautical engineer – fields of interest are lighter-than-air flight, propulsion, tailless aircraft and ground-effect vehicles. Lately I’ve been giving special study to seaplanes and flying boats, and teaching myself naval architecture. I sail, and I took the elective celestial navigation course when my prep school offered it, so if the GPS goes on the fritz and you’re off the LORAN charts, I’m the guy you want. Oh yes – lately I’ve gotten interested in cable structures, ropeways and structural networks, and I’ve been researching deepwater anchorage and undersea communication and power cables.

    My special interests in the seasteading area are just what you would expect – ENGINEERING. I don’t spend time debating styles of government because no two people who take the trouble to relocate to blue water will agree on that topic, so the net result will be what I want anyway, namely anarchy. I concentrate on floating structures, energy and fresh water supply and sanitary waste disposal/reuse. My favorite floating habitat design is a spar buoy configuration.

    Captain P. knows me from other lists. Thanks for starting this, Captain P!


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    I noticed the news stories on your funding. Congratulations. I’m a marine professional loaded with viable seasteading ideas and skills, and working on the MBA that could implement them. My MBA is in public administration/nonprofit management (and some carbon trade on the side). I’ve got 30 years or so as a deep-sea diver (sounds so much more romantic than “commercial” doesn’t it?), captain, boat designer and builder. Toot-toot.

    I’m excited for you. It really looks like you now have the opportunity to get it off the ground. Leveraging your funding and resources with strategic alliances will be essential. The people and ideas are all out there ready to go. The Seasteading Institute could provide the spark and coordination for a new order. Consider this my application for employment.

    “Prosperity is only an instrument to be used, not a deity to be worshiped.”

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    How do you insert line and paragraph breaks?

    “Prosperity is only an instrument to be used, not a deity to be worshiped.”

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    Jon Ducarr

    As an Archittectural Draughtsman I have been involved in a variety of projects over the years. This is one of the few concepts that has got my friends and I really talking. Life, Liberty, Equality and all that Jazz. Thank you. As I said in my (rather basic) profile, I would be willing and able to assist in various areas of the construction as and when it begins. Talking to various contacts, including several at Glasgows Institute Of Marine Architecture. I will let you know what they think as soon as I can. Then again, they will probably just contact you directly themselves. Talk to you later, Jon Ducarr. P.S. My user-name comes from a blind date that I went on and the Lady I was meeting for the first time said “You’re not Brad Pitt but then you’re not Quasimodo either. Result ( of a sort).

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    I have found myself coming to this site on a few occassions through my various google searches over a great time. I also think that it is taking to long to get finished; with the resources you have it could be done by now.

    Eventually I plan to finish a like project, but I need the money first (funds will be attainable), hardest to find will be a place to build it. I know the materials I would use, and some can be attained for free, or cheaply.

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    Hello Marc,

    My name is Michael Crosiar. I very much enjoyed your intro. I too am living in the Philippines, namely Cebu. I do hope we can connect since we are so close to each other. I PM’d you already from the email address listed on your site. I saw some pictures of where you live on google, looks beautiful there. I’ll definately need to take a boat ride there and check it out! I am a computer programmer by trade, but do have an interest in engineering. My main interests are in engery production and community/government, but my interest are much wider and more varied than that. Would love to meet you sometime, I know we would have a lot to talk about.



Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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