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Intresting location

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    Profile photo of Revoid

    hi i ran across this:


    i think it is verry intressting. sure the first plans are for the pasific but the atlantic is much more fun. big waves storms etc. so maybe in the future we could use this god given pice of “ground”

    i would belive that it would verry well be possible to “take” that rock and claim it.

    with the UN directories that you must “own land” that might be a way to go..

    let me know what you think about the rock.

    Profile photo of Joep

    Hello Revoid,

    Rockall is already claimed, it is United Kingdom territory. They will definately not allow anyone else claiming it and turn it into a souvereignty. It might only be a rock, but you can imagine the horror it would cause in London if someone opened a bar there, allowing people to smoke. In the book a similar place, Minerva Reef is discussed. It was not even above the water level, but trying to establish the “Republic of Minerva” was not allowed by the government of Tonga.

    Profile photo of Arthur-B.

    The South China Sea. Let’s look at the bad side first

    • small time pirates (but isn’t it at least a little cool ?)
    • big time pirates (many big bad governments around)
    • not a lot of international waters

    so the good side

    • it’s the new mediterranean sea, close to Shangai, Taiwan, Hong-Kong, Singapour, etc.
    • corollary : lot’s of maritime trade is going on, a seastead could act as a commercial hub (act as port ?)
    • it might be possible to buy protection

    Here’s a good map

    Interesting place too, the Paracel Islands or the SpratlyIslands
    The good

    • natural gaz, oil reserves, fish reserves, some land

    The bad

    • natural gaz, oil reserves, fish reserves, some land
    • typhoons

    These islands are disputed by many countries surrounding them. At a first glance, it might seem like the worst imaginable place to settle. However, provided the seastead does not show interest in commercial fishing or oil exploitation, it might be possible to negociate with each country for tranquility. It may also be that countries would be reluctant to claim ownership or jurisdiction over the seastead in order to avoid confrontation with the other countries having claims in the same region. It might be a long shot but it’s worth exploring.

    Profile photo of Revoid

    yes what you say is true. but remember. several nations have REAL land mass that still are disputed. greece/turky alot of islands are disputed by japan russia korea and china. UK claims the rock. but that does not mean that more people cant claim it. and i am pretty sure if a colony was to be built there UK would not send its navy to destroy it. after all its just a small rock in the middle of nowhere.

    countries and goverments are a greedy bunch. but after all. they have enough things on their hands so they wont have time to deal with all issues and might just write it off.

    just look at the north pole. russia america canada UK norway they are all claiming the “sea bed” and they want its resources. even denmark is claiming large areas. claiming something does not mean its yours. i can claim a car on the street but the police decides if it really is mine or not. police = UN/other countries

    just love how the federation jugoslavia was created. this was during the cold war. they sent diplomats to US and told them acknowledge us as a country or russia will force us behind the iron curtain. they also sent diplomats to russia telling them to acknowledge them as a country or the west would put them in NATO. and whops a new country is born.

    anyway, its all just philosophical. i just liked the ROCK !

    Profile photo of Joep

    Seasteading in the South China Sea sounds a bit like camping in a warzone to me :) I wonder why the little islands don’t seem to have an EEZ. If they would have, the High Seas would be gone it seems.
    Nice picture, how did you find it? I’m looking for a similar picture for the Mediterranean Sea that shows all claims.

    Profile photo of Eelco

    I second not competing for oil or fish or anything that other governments are interested in at all. Proximity to other commecial hubs is far more important than those kind of things, i think.

    Profile photo of Arthur-B.

    Ask and ye shall receive … Generally, see http://w2.vliz.be/vmdcdata/marbound/geointerface.php (not where I found the map though, google South China Sea + EEZ) (and activate the
    tag, this is driving me nuts)

    Profile photo of Joep

    I didn’t know there was a publicly available database. Cool :)

    Profile photo of Anonymous

    Apparently back in the late 90’s Greenpeace landed on it and claimed it as their own sovereign country of ‘waveland’ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rockall#Waveland_and_the_Greenpeace_occupation

    The british government basically just ignored them.

    Profile photo of Cameron

    Thie Irish government ignored them too, even though Donegal (Ireland) is the closes landmass to Rockall, reason for the ongoing dispute.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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