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In Which I Actually Make an Introduction

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    Hello, I registered under the name “MDude” before, but didn’t get around to posting, and it seems that account was blocked due to inactivity or something? In any case, I figure that’s no reason not to say something now, so I made a replacement account. Interested in hearing of the technical aspects of it, less sure if I’d enjoy life on a floating city. Especially if it was more of a floating mall, I wouldn’t see it as home so much as a nice place to visit. If not accommodating entirely private, in-home workshops, I’d at least like to live somewhere with ready access to a hackerspace. Rooms that show the guts of a structure tend to feel rather welcoming to me, so it’d be nice to enter such places, and I guess laying cable for IT stuff on could be a good excuse often enough. Really, though, I think I could benefit form the development of seasteads even if I don’t personally live on one.

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    Oh, I can apparently re-use the name MDude anyway? Also, the screen name is called the name, and the login name is called the username? Both things I did not know.

    Edit: Apparently not, it just sticks with calling me Matthew everywhere outside my profile page? This seems like a very odd user profile system.

    Edit2: Nevermind, I just needed to wait for the databases caches to catch up.

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    Ken Sims

    The system allows more than one user to have the same display name.
    Your original MDude profile (created on March 16, 2009) still exists and is not blocked.
    I saw where you did several password resets for that profile. Do you still have access to that email account? Did you receive the password reset emails?
    I can delete that original MDude profile since you’ve got a new one working.

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    Really? The reason I thought the original account was blocked was because after I successfully reset the password, I couldn’t log in, and even resetting several times it make sure I hadn’t made some mistake and later just typed out the password to copy/paste it into the login field didn’t work, it still just caused the login box to shake some bar with a red stripe on the end to show up:

    screenshot of login error

    To me, this seemed to indicate the account being blocked, not sure what else it could be. I reset the password before I even tried to remember it, but maybe the system just doesn’t like passwords with hyphens or something, as I only tried a different one when making the new account.

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    The login page does not display error messages properly for some reason.
    I just did a password reset with my test account (which is what I’m posting from right now) and set a new password that includes a hyphen. I had no problem logging in.
    Other people have also reported problems with logging in after a password reset but I’ve never been able to reproduce the problem.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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