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Idea:Start A Meetup Group

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    Note: I dont have time to pursue this idea currently, but I hope it inspires someone somewhere to pick up the slack.

    Idea: Go to Meetup.com and start a Seasteading group in your local area. I think this is a great resource for bringing like minded individuals together and raises the prospect of building a core group of future settelers.

    Goals: One of the goals of your local group could be to create a micro-stead on a nearby lake or river. A micro-stead is like a seastead except it would be temporary, and built in relatively safe waters.


    Rent a bunch of rowboats and anchor them in the same area. Then try to link them all together. Try to spend an entire day living together as a community out on your boats.

    Build a giant makershift raft and spend a weekend camping out on it. How will your community survive?

    The main goal is to have fun while working together to address some of the challenges that future pioneers will face.

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    Ken Sims

    What you are describing is essentially the Ephemerisle concept:


    (Unfortunately the Ephemerisle website seems to be busted at the moment.)

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    I think they moved to facebook. There’s no activity on freenode #ephemerisle or #seasteading , so i left them after a couple years sitting there (and being told recently that wanting some peace away from daily gunfire, barking dogs, and smoke from trash fires was childish). If only the 99.99999% of humans out there, those that think wanting something better is childish, could be convinced to get rid of us by building the seasteads <sigh>.

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    Yeah, I guess my point is, instead of waiting around for the next ephermerisle, get a group started in your local community.

    I really like meetup.com because of the built in marketing, but I’m sure facebook and other social media could work as well.

    Good luck!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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