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Ideal Sea Stead City/ Cities?

Home Forums Community Dreaming / Crazy Ideas / Speculation Ideal Sea Stead City/ Cities?

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    Ideal Sea Steads would have the following:

    Flying Sub Hanger- see TV show Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, Season 3.

    Seaplane Hanger Modules & fuel bunkers.

    Drydocks: for most any size ship Under Supertanker size

    LNG Terminal

    Breakwater Units

    Core Civic Modules

    Apt/Condo Hab Modules

    Shuttleferry dock ports: Ferries house 200 pasengers from shore @ 80 knots from shore

    Undersea Observation nodes: 100, 150 with ext lighting

    Sonocomm Array

    Marine Lab Module/s

    Storage Modules

    Hydropneumatic Shuttle tube: use water & air pressure to push capsule around complex?

    Undersea viewports: aside Observation nodes which are acrylic spheres.

    Diver airlocks & decomp chambers: 30

    Submarine drydock module.

    Fuel Cell Power Module

    Undersea Turbine Tidal Farm, array

    Power cable to shore.

    Container ship Dock & Trade Center.

    Medical Center.

    Surface Solar & Wind array Farms.

    (name visible from shore & sea of Sea Stead IE

    Sea Stead NEW ATLANTIS 3, Caribbean?)

    Diver Training Center

    Suntan tanning modules: for Polar Sea Steads ONLY.

    Jail Center for inmates: house 100


    Fine Arts Center & Dance area.

    Services Center Module

    Hotel & Resort Modules & Condoes for Tourisim.

    Marina Area & ” Surf” Beach?

    Water Park?

    Hidden Deck weapons for Defense & underwater Torpedo rooms & Torpedo acess ports to load from Carrier Sub or ship to Sea Stead City.

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    I don’t think you have grasped the concept of seasteads: it’s not about planning a city-state from scratch. It is about making the growing of such cities easy and more spontaneous, which is the exact opposite of planned.

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    I have to agree with Jesrad and want to add that your posts are less like discussion and more like you shouting random lists at us. I (and I am sure I am not the only one) find this distracting and would much rather some actual input and discussion as opposed to a freeform array of whatever word pops in your head at the time. Brainstorming is good, but is best kept to yourself to build thoughts that actually communicate with others. All in all, you’re failing the Turing Test.

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    With both Jesrad and Ernie, I responded to one of your posts, but all of your posts are very similar. They are just random lists, that are very high on military items. You seem to want to have a war or build a huge deterrance force. I don’t think that we need that at this point. Also, I believe that the power should be created on the seastead itself, which would allow the seastead to be more mobile in case of political or enviornmental needs require it to move.

    Your profile says your are prior military service, as am I, but I don’t think that is the purpose here to build out a floating armada. A jail for 100 people? LNG tanks? Wow. How many people do you expect to live on this single seastead? You do realize that most cities won’t even allow LNG takers into the harbor to to terrorist concerns.

    Ernie makes a very good point. Brainstorming is for working out ideas and communicating them with others. I applaud your enthusiasm, but please work your ideas into a format that isn’t two word bulleted items over and over again.

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    why not just put this ideas in some kind of trust and then make the rest leas a boat or island or do a deal in free zone park sowmhere clsoe to the beach ? and organzie it as a memeber orgnzation ?

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    Theodore Schultz

    Kinda long, but the detractors may have some things backwards. The power cables to shore are so that you can _sell_ your excess power to the landlubbers, right? And the prisoners you’re housing are overflow from the local civil authorities, not your own. The prison is an industry that pays you per inmate you take off their hands, and your facility is harder for them to escape from, especially if they have to go through decompression to leave. All the weapons and other measures, though, makes me wonder if you’ve used up a few places, and perhaps the last in a big enough way that you are trying to make yourself hard to find, or to place yourself above the law.

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    Kevin Bales

    I’ll play


    Soft-serve ice cream

    Drive in theatre

    Bumper cars



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    It wouldn’t exactly be cost effective but having a hand crafted forest/wildlife area would be very cool.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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