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How is this any different than existing floating communities?

Home Forums Community Dreaming / Crazy Ideas / Speculation How is this any different than existing floating communities?

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    just curious

    just need to tie a bunch of boats together

    would be fairly cheap…

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    Like wohl said. You try putting any of those “existing floating communities” 250nm out to sea and watch how quickly they become “ocean-bottom communities”.

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    okay so its far out at sea, I’m guessing in International waters?

    more questions

    How do you cope with hurricanes and massive waves?

    Are the structures anchored to the seabed ? How does that work?


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    well, Krunchor –

    thats where U come in. none of us actually have a seastead, nor have any of us actually sold one. there are no known ‘seasteads’ beyond territorial waters anywhere in the world. we need ur help to make a plan. its what we do here. we discuss designs (physical and logistical) and all types of plans to make this shared dream a reality. make a rolling list of questions and see if typing in some keywords into the forum search box doesnt turn up an answer. when u start running out of answers from existing records, please ask. welcome aboard!

    Rich Allen

    Volunteer Ambassador, The Seasteading Institute


    My Work II

    “Leadership and do-ership are not the same thing”

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    Krunchor. Welcome Aboard by the way! You’ll find there are many different visions of just what Seasteading is and/or should be represented on here. In my view, the pictures you’ve provided show seasteading at its most basic form and there are those who will disagree. What most of the folks on here are aiming at is to move what you’ve pictured out into the Deep Blue water. To do that would and will require more than just tieing ‘a bunch of boats together.’ Keep reading the threads…

    < http://ocr.wikia.com/wiki/Oceanic_Citizens_Republic_Wiki>

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    dealing with ‘massive waves and hurricanes’ is something that has been discussed a lot. The best way to cope with them is to not cope with them: you simply sail out of their way! As for rafting up, far out at sea, there are divergent opinions on here; I believe that it can be done short term in certain parts of the ocean safely. Others vehimently disagree. As for anchoring or not anchoring, I’ve long been a proponent of deep-sea anchoring. It is a proven technology. A thread to look at is ‘Position Control’.

    < http://ocr.wikia.com/wiki/Oceanic_Citizens_Republic_Wiki>

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    did not this ppl had some idea once ? http://web.archive.org/web/19981205013052/http://www.new-utopia.com/
    or did sombody sue them and they had to close dowen ?

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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