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Historical Models

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    Any history buffs out there who could shed some light and recommend resources on how Wagon Trains were formed in the American Old West colonization period?

    • What sort of financial arrangements were made to hire expert guides?
    • How did they sort out skills to cover necessities?
    • Did the majority of Wagon Train groups settle in one place as a community, or did they split up upon reaching their destinations?
    • What parallels can we draw from this period of colonization which would apply to groups of (reasonably) like-minded individuals who want to band together for safety, specialization/division of labour, and financial purposes?
    • Characteristics of the social make-up of successful vs unsuccessful trips (Donner Party)?

    Primary sources on information are always good, as well as commentary and conclusions.

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    Similar to the above, any experts or informed amateurs on Island cultures?

    • What social characteristics make for stable populations?
    • What is the role of violence, (internal/external- war, raids, martial virtues)
    • Law and Punishment
    • Important taboos, social conventions
    • Trading patterns- what did/do they really need that limited land area prevents them from contriving a solution for?
    • Modern Island cultural malaise- why do so many small island languish in a cultural and technological backwater when modern communications and global trading are available?
    • What’s up with suicide rates?
    • What are the demographic trends- do most young people leave to make their own way or do they continue the traditional lifestyle?
    • What’s the difference between the places with continuity of tradition and high rates of exodus?

    Again, primary sources are always better than pure speculation, and while the plural of anecdote is not “data”, opinions from people with direct experience would be worthwhile.

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    1960s Undersea living fad with Costeau Conshelf & Navy Sealabs.

    Low orbit Space stations.

    Nuclear sub crews since 1956.

    Living in So Pole US Ice station.

    19th century whaling ships.

    18th century Royal Navy warships worldwide.

    Are best models for Sea Steading as basic guide.

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    2 me Sea Steads are combination:

    Full time ship living

    & Island culture mode.

    Combine the 2 since Sea Steads are Man Made Steel Islands at Sea.

    For Social studies alone.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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