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High density food production

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    as a vegan

    spirulina algae a protein algae,

    perhaps with some fatty algae,

    and carbohydrate algae.

    all one needs for nutritional completeness.

    extremely high density, no unconsumable biomass.

    spirulina be easy to digest.

    can grow it using urine as fertilizer,

    enough fertilizer is well bellow smellable or tasteable,

    and include an air bubler for carbon dioxide.

    probably good to keep it exchanging air from where people are,

    as we emit carbon dioxide,.

    Also potentially can increase the amount of fish and other biolife in your area,

    by spreading ultra fine iron particles as micro nutrients for local ocean algae.

    there was a seasteading conference, a marine biologist that found if the particles were fine enough they took months to descend some distance he defined in the video, which seemed much slower than the hours that fine particles take to travel the same distance.

    it’s very effective at increasing algae populations, and the populations of those that feed on them.

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Viewing 31 post (of 31 total)

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