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Hi Ladies and Gents

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    Ken Sims
    shredder7753 wrote:

    KEN this guy is jerkin’ off all over our forum. couldn’t we just flag him? we cant make any real progress with that behavior. i know i was disruptive for a while but it wasnt even in the same league as this dude. *shrugs*

    Innovative ideas tend to attract some people with wacky beliefs. That doesn’t mean that those people have nothing useful to offer.

    My primary usage of my moderator powers is for dealing with spam. If it’s not spam, I’m very liberal in what I allow, particularly since I’m a volunteer, not TSI Staff. (Why do you think that your account survived!) I’ve not discussed it with any of the other volunteers moderators, but I’d guess that they feel the same way.

    Volunteer admin, moderator, and primary spamfighter

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    Ken Sims! Protect Free Speech ’cause ‘ever once in a while, there’s a nugget of something useful in the “…nonsensical crazy speak.”lol;) That still makes me laugh!

    “If an argument is illogical or irrational, the only way to enter it is through rational and logical discourse.” Emmett, I have to disagree with you there. At best you’d be throwing pearls before the swine at worse you’d be enabling and encouraging their “…nonsensical crazy speak.” (That just makes me laugh! I’m going to use that elsewhere)

    < http://ocr.wikia.com/wiki/Oceanic_Citizens_Republic_Wiki>

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    I agree that arguing rationally and logically with a endemically illogical and irrational person is, as you put it, putting pearls before swine, but to assuming you do not have a preconceived judgment about the person in question (which here I am first to admit I do) you cannot determine the fault of logic or ration without first examining it via those means. It could be the person is merely using unsound reasoning, but in all other ways is open to rational discourse. And, it could just be the nonsensical crazy speak (now Im laughing too)

    I also agree with not using censorship on Seasteader-. It is not needed, as community pressure is far more effective and preferable anyhow. If we dont like what he says, we are free to not read it or not reply to it, or try to redeem it. The “diamond in the rough” argument of such a person every now and again having something useful to say, though, I think fails in this point. To have to wade through tons of coal to find the single diamond reduces the quality of the diamond. In other words, the nugget of wisdom you may find will not have enough value to replace the time lost searching for it. Just my 2 cents.

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    Ken Sims
    emmettvm wrote:

    I also agree with not using censorship on Seasteader-. It is not needed, as community pressure is far more effective and preferable anyhow.

    As a moderator, that’s what I strongly prefer to see happen. (Other than spam, which gets no mercy.)

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    Shoredweller wrote:

    I am pleasently surprised you guys gathered in my welcome tread and having a quite lively discussion, kinda like that!

    Aye, Aye, Shoredweller!

    Werent it the greek philosophers who gathered on regular weekly bases to exchange their ideas of the perfect society?

    they met more frequently then that at times.

    Exchange of ideas is GOOD in my opinion,

    and arguments are constructive when people still talk.

    Leaves me with a bit of an urge to at least a bit describe my point of believe in here: I am quite pragmatic when it comes to human beings and their societies…in my opinion there is a lot to learn of history, for sure when it comes to “patterns” – surely we live in a “special” century, with all its developements and level of technical exploitation of our environment. Time will tell.

    agreeably. I hold similar beliefs.

    Back to my believe: as long as there are no “perfect” societies/countries, I find the idea of “PT” or “perpetual traveller” (or “perpetual tourist”) quite tempting, with different “bases”, for my different activities.

    This is precisely the plan of the We You Net.

    We plan on having remote, boat-accessible underground shelters or bases of operation.

    There could be land-lubbing intentional-communities stationed there to protect and maintain the territory.

    Then we as seasteader merchants would resupply the various bases as a form of trade, getting abundant goods of one sort here, and bringing them there.

    There is a lot published about “PT”, and it doesnt only fit the “filthy rich” to protect from draconic taxes, it also fit the toe of someone being disgusted by big-brother-control-states (…like they seem to sprout everywhere (AGAIN! ..only 70 years have passed) since that bright sunny day back in 2001, 9/11)

    70 years since what critical event?

    …so, back to my philosophy, it might sound selfish (…what it doubtlessly is!)

    …as long as there is no real alternative to live freely and without govermential harrassment,

    I’m not sure, are you making a statement? it’s rather negative for a ideal.

    Though I do like the live freely part :-) has a nice ring to it.

    as long I will I pick the best out of all of them, just as they (states/political contructs) offer something.

    sure that works.

    are you a picky eater?

    Doesnt mean complete freedom, because one have to “bond” temporarely with a state form,

    but it is on the path to freedom I would say. Much more to say, much more to think;

    anyway – it is nice to exchange thoughts with you fellas!

    Everything started with an idea,eh?


    Wether’s getting stormy outside, have to adjust the ropes now.

    mmm stormy, sounds delicious. lol

    I’ve been stuck in a sailing pen, during the sailing lessons,

    we stay so close to the shore and the wind is just so calm.

    And they don’t let us go in heavy weather till,

    we get our bronze-sail for which the lessons start in August.

    hopefully I’ll be able to get sailboard to the shore,

    somewhere with more sailing freedom,

    if the sailing club doesn’t let me stash it there,

    perhaps hidden in park under camo blanket *shrugs*.

    calm aware desire choice love express intuit move

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    Seasteader would have lasted about,…uhhh 2 min, max.

Viewing 6 posts - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)

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