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    Hi, I’m Jeff. I plan on going into engineering, and I really like the ideas and plans put forward by TSI.

    Thats all there really is actually. I’ve been interested in the idea of the creation new nations, and this (TSI) has been the first, practical and organized effort I’ve ever seen.

    I used to be interested in The Venus Project, but I became disenchanted as I saw that it was basically a large, viable blueprint being drawn up, without any concrete plans being made to implement it. Despite all the years between my discovering TVP and now, they’re still where they were before, and they’re still saying (roughly) the exact same things. The conception of a, “no money,” resource based economy seems pretty childish anyway though, even for anyone with a basic understanding of economics.

    Today I am a Marxist-Leninist, but that doesn’t prevent me from appreciating the practical methods proposed by TSI in order to achieve their goals. In fact I see it as something which will be a very productive and beneficial venture in the long-run, and which will greatly benefit humanity.

    I’m interested in engineering, and I really hope to one day contribute to building what will hopefully become an independant, seastead state (or sea city state, whatever you want to call it). So don’t worry, I won’t be pushing my evil communist ideals on anyone :P.

    People always tell me that society is the way it is because its the way people are (basic orthodox idea you’ll have thrown at you), so I’m interested in seeing how a new society, relatively free of the constraints which bind and prevent people from making real changes in normal society (at least without massive amounts of struggle and resistance), will develop and grow in comparison. A seastead has a lot of potential to set new precedents and examples that could mean great things for the direction of human society in the future.

    Basically I see a seastead as a perfect environment for revolutionary goals, where revolutionary thought would be allowed to play a part in the determination of the society’s direction. Mind you when I see revolutionary, I mean new/exciting/not necessarily conventional.


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    Hope you like it. Been here a week and continually educating myself.



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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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