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Hello, how do I help?

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    I just learned about the Seasteading movement yesterday from a TedX talk and have found my self completely enthralled and excited to hear about something like this. Making a place to spear head innovation while living green and coming up with ways to help the less fortunate is something I want to get behind and do what ever I can to help with. I am a firm believer that when smart people are pooled together into one place magical things start to happen, advances are made to technology, steps in the right direction are taken for society then others take notice, follow suit and the information is dispersed to the masses. (Kind of like how the west was a place for new ideas that eventually changed the world)

    Yes I understand we are currently far away from colonies at sea and there are holes in the plan that are yet to be resolved, but what is the timeline for such a thing? What are people doing right now on the small scale to get us there? How does one make this affordable for the average westerner, then every one else? And most of all how do I get involved? I am 21 and making moves to become a photographer for the military or maybe a journalist, But this is something that I would go back to school for just to help out and make a reality. Of course there is more research to be done to actually commit to something like this but I guess I am just asking how would some one start to get into this? what is needed? and how do I help?

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    For me, the next move is Florida.

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    Hi Justin,


    I would say that the best way to get involved is to participate. Also please keep in mind that somehow, at this moment, there is a sort of a “void” in any practical active seasteading activity around here.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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