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Hello from Ireland

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    Just wanted to say Hi,

    I’ve been interested in seasteading since I first came across the concept back around the turn of the millennium. I started reading about people like Richie Sowa actually building their own land and future and thought it was tremendously exciting. I’ve come up with all kinds of ideas over the years, but I’ve shot them all down for one reason or another (as I suspect most people have).

    Right now I’m working on something which I’m trying to get to fit all of my requirements. I’ll post something up in the next few weeks when I have some nice renders.

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    Hi Peter. I know you didn’t ask for advice, but maybe possibly (your mileage may vary), just throw together a rough scale model and spend the time on building the real thing instead of fancy “Ellmer pictures”? TSI has spent $millions on fancy pictures and built nothing. Otherwise, best of luck to ye.


    Hi Kat. Good advice, but everything has to start somewhere. I can’t reasonably expect to build what I want to build on my own, so I think it makes sense to do some outreach with fancy pictures and see who’s interest gets caught. I’m honestly a bit sceptical of some of the grander visions that get floated here (I’ve been lurking a while), I suspect that in order to actually get it going a more down to earth design is needed.


    Sounds like a reasonable aproach to me…if you want investors belive in something the “communication strategy” is paramount.

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    Sure, lead the horse to water and make him drink. Only Delorean made cars that last forever, humans still make homes with intensely flammable materials, and in the last 2000 years no one has built a floating city (Venice does not float). It’s not prudent to think anyone has your exact vision to the tune of $millions. If they have the $millions, you will dance to the tune they play. But you can still build your own place and be happy with it, Peter. There isn’t a good reason that some form of floating house should cost more than a land-based house over your lifetime, if it can also fit your lifestyle over the same time span.


    @Kat: I could probably build a boat if that’s what you mean. The trick is to design something a thousand people could live on then convince a thousand people to try it. I wouldn’t particularly fancy being a nation of one in the middle of the ocean. I’d agree about the looking for millions of dollars of investment thing… if someone has a million dollars they sure as heck don’t need me. I’m more interested in trying to get something together that an average person could take part in and help build. Of what I’ve seen so far I think the ramform concrete harbour proposal probably comes closest to that, but I think that there’s possibly a slightly better solultion.

    Anyway, enough talk, more rendering 😉

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    Why must 1000 people live in the same floating apartment building to be part of the same political union?
    There’s nations where not everyone lives on the same island, and the islands may be 20 miles apart. I see no problems with people living in their boats a couple miles from each other, and sharing the same concerns about their area of the ocean, or having legal agreements with each other. You may find it will be easier to have your group of 1000 people build a common breakwater, and then they can move in whatever boat design each wants to call home, on their own time schedule. We may call such a place a “floating marina”, and you might get easier financing using that term vs “seasteading”. This is why i can believe Ocean may make his scheme succeed, it can be built in pieces, it is economical, it is flexable, it’s not difficult, it doesn’t need 1000 people to begin, he isn’t calling it “seasteading”, and it does not rely on $millions just to get started. And if you don’t like your neighbors, detach and move to another portion of the floating neighborhood, or praps 300ft away.


    That’s more or less what I had in mind actually. Is that kind of a concept not considered “seasteading”? Ideally I’d like to see something which allows people to move around a bit and add to/reduce their habitation as they need to rather than be stuck in the same place with an appartment. It’d be nice if the “seastead” was more of a service provider than your home itself.

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    Oh, i misunderstood when you said “The trick is to design something a thousand people could live on”.


    Ah, I see what you mean. Yeah, I think open frameworks are better than megastructures. I figure that anyone actually passionate enough to leave the land is probably going to have lots of ideas about how their life should work/look which won’t necessarily match mine.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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