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    I am here too.

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    I have been trying to post an introduction about myself.

    I lost the text twice now.  I will not give up.

    I would also appreciate some advice.


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    Hello again;


    I will try to write an introduction.

    Call me spark.  I live in Southern-California, USA.  I like to sail.

    I have a sailboat.  I have a passport. I am a US citizen.


    I was born in East-Europe.  I went to school there. I came to the USA long time ago.

    I have lived in different economic an in different political systems.  I speak, read and write

    other languages than English also.  I speak English goodly.


    I have lived in communism. I have lived in a refugee camp. I have lived in capitalism.


    My opinion is that a seateading is not a political experiment, but a mental health experiment.

    Can a group of people stay mentally healthy enough to live at sea?

    There are many people who sail. There are many people who live at sea for an extended

    period of time.


    I would like to acknowledge that this is an introduction of me. I like to talk about me.

    I am a legend of my own mind.


    I would like to develop an economic interest in see sea mining.  It might turn out to be something.


    So; I like the movie: Into the Wild. And I like the book: Into Thin Air.

    I have been to Slab City, Ghost Mountain, hiking in mountains, camping in desert, sailing on the sea.

    I have traveled to foreign countries.  I do Ashtanga yoga, Vipassana meditation, Kodokan judo.

    I run. I like to build things with my own hand.  I know how to pour concrete.


    May be that is enough to say about myself.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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