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Greatings from Russia and from my little micronation

Home Forums Community Introductions Greatings from Russia and from my little micronation


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    Hello! Greatings from Russia and from my little micronation! Sorry for my English! My name is Michael. I’m living in Moscow Region, and I’m intresting about seasteading and micronations. Me and my American, Canadian and Spanish friends created small virtual micronation like Wirtland. It’s name Kinkelia. I have to say that me and my friends kinksexual men and women. And what is it? I can say that I like women in shiny sportwear and they are more attractive for me then nacked women. So it’s kind of fetish. It was not my choose, but I have to live with it. But I found friends from different parts of the world and even kinky women who likes shiny sportwear. So we decided to create virtual home for all weird people as we. But we have an idea to convert virtual home to a real home. And idea of seasteading is very intresting for us.


    And what’s about me? I’m 30 guy from Russia. I graduated forestry university in Moscow as forestry and environmental engineer. I am very interested in the environmental protection, waste management and bioenergy. I worked as the laboratorian in my university. And now I’m working as scientific technician in other academy.

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    So get a sailboat to live on, and you’ll be on your way to seasteading.

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    It is a little difficult in Russia, because of cold winter and sailboats are costly (expensive) in Russia. But I like idea. Thanks!

    I would like to live on the boat.


    H-mmm. We have small community of people from different countries. And we want to be a Micronation and we would like to be a real contry of kinky men and women. And Seasteading is very very interesting for us. Can you recomend something for us? Thanks!

    Also I would like to promote the idea of Seasteading in Russia. Can I do it?

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    Yes, you can promote it.

    The best way is of course by being the change.

    You can have a boat even in winter by having a bubbler or water agitator,

    it will bring warm water from bottom, and melt the water at the surface.



    People use agitation fans even here in Toronto,  Canada where we have fresh water and it freezes in winter.

    Not sure but it might also work in St. Petersburg, though can go south to Black Sea as well,

    Alternatively you can try the east coast of Russia, where it doesn’t freeze nearly as much due to Pacific.

    Sea of Japan may be a good place, as there are lots of kinky weird fetish people in Japan.

    If you get a shore-side property in the area, can start building seastead islands and float them around.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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