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Great Lakes Seasteading

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    tested out barrel catamaran prototype on the pond, it’s a success! :-) had a nice ride http://youtu.be/Q5FUyLHXBvg
    once can figure out how or where to moor or otherwise keep it, shall build a larger version.
    Maybe I’ll have to go around and check with private land-owners, see if I can use their beach.

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    Hey ya, so yesterday I put a deck onto the barrel catamaran,
    used an old hollow closet door salvaged from recycling,
    sawed it in half, so there is half to cover each barrel,
    they are attached to the mahogany ribs.

    Since it’s so small, it’s rather round,
    so when I’m on top, it’s rather top-heavy,
    meaning have to find a good balance point,
    which is between the two barrels.

    Fortunately the decks are set apart,
    and I can fit my legs in between the barrels,
    to lower my center of gravity, also paddle with my feet.

    There are some advantages to having a deck,
    in terms of it’s easier to get on and off,
    and to move around when on the boat,
    also can put various things on the deck.

    For transporting equipment,
    I roped on a lidded bucket to the frame,
    with the stuff I wanted to bring attached.

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    new guy

    No international waters between US and Canada in the lakes. No autonomy.

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    Deer, fish and other wildlife maintain autonomy without having to go to “international waters”.
    Indeed there is border-creep, where all the nations are gobbling up as much water as they can.

    With submersible seasteads, it’s possible to be autonomous in many bodies of water.
    Following the example of deer, the important thing is known how to run and hide.

    Large governments, like large corporations,
    can be considered predators of their smaller versions.

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    Hey, so am going to check out a shore-side intentional community on lake Erie today! woot woot!.
    They need some erosion control meaures, and maybe even some land reclaimation.

    Yep if you have some idea’s could be good :-).

    I’ll be back on thursday, tell you how it is, maybe shall even have pictures.

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)

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