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Glad to see all the forum activity

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    Hey guys… Dave here from RidleyReport.com in New Hampshire.

    Definitely have liked the ‘steading idea and found it interesting. Previously however there seemed to be a lack of activity here; I’m glad that seems to be picking up, and it was enough to make me register.

    The other concern I have is this: There was a good idea a couple years ago, and I think it came from the top.

    The idea was build some very small cheap “seasteads” that you would just put in a bathtub or a bowl of water as a conversation piece. Then build up to remote controlled seasteads you might show off in a pool or pond. Then up to one that could hold a person, then a family, then an office, THEN a neighborhood.

    I haven’t heard anything about even the bathtub version coming to fruition. If it happened, it wasn’t promoted enough for me to hear about it or even find it easily on your website. If it didn’t happen that’s just as bad. Where does this very limited initial project stand? This endeavor has probably 10 times the funding that the Free State Project gets…what exactly are the concrete accomplishments, and how come even I have never heard of any of them despite my interest? If I’m missing something, is that my fault or are the projects and messages failing to get out effectively?

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    As per the funding that TSI receives, most of us here have nothing to do with the collection or use of such funds. We are all interested 3rd parties looking to further the cause, as it were, but few of us have anything more than even an indirect connection to TSI.

    The user Shredder has recently completed a 1/24th scale model of one of the designs here – well, almost completed – and we have high hopes for that being something similar to what you mentioned above.

    look at the 1/24th scale bergstead thread for more info.

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    Thanks, I’ll check it out!

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    Vince Cate also did do some IRL experimenting, this is his him showing his “Waterwalker” which doesn’t have the spar design :


    I didn’t know about Shredder (haven’t been very active lately anyway). I’d love to see a page on Wiki listing all physical experiments going on. Does anyone have more examples?

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    I Logan Elspru Streondj made a “bathtub version” in concrete, of a scaled down seed-seastead based on golden-ratio. http://www.youtube.com/weyounet#p/a/u/1/7kqgKNT9p-g it is functional as a single-person transport, a two person seastead is 4 times larger, a 10 person seastead is 7 times larger, and that’s the largest a typical crane can lift. On the ocean the seed-seasteads can be rafted together to make islands.

    Ellmer or Will from Columbia has made large concrete-submarines which he produces at 330euro per ton or cubic-meter of living-space. http://concretesubmarine.com Ellmer has reservations about sharing details about the construction process, though does give generic consultation.

    I documented the process of making a ferrocement-boat seed-seastead in more detail to make it easy for others to follow on these forums and to recreate the creative process http://www.seasteading.org/interact/forums/research/engineering/ferrocement-dinghy

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Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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