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Forum rules and policies

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This topic contains 22 replies, has 7 voices, and was last updated by Profile photo of Ken Sims Ken Sims 4 years, 2 months ago.

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    wohl1917 wrote:

    Calm, aware, desire, choice, love, express, intuit, move… If you read that several times it has the same calming effect of reading, om mane padme om….

    < http://ocr.wikia.com/wiki/Oceanic_Citizens_Republic_Wiki>

    As it should,

    though that’s an old shortened version by the way,

    there is a newer 16 part version on my business card.

    0 calm 1 aware 2 balance 3 choice 4 goals 5 plans 6 intuit 7 come 8 home 9 planet 10 tools 11 commune 12 love 13 virtue 14 mix 15 create

    i_is_j_smith wrote:

    I don’t know, I’m worried that any formula elspru comes up with to moderate the forums will have chakras involved…

    Oh well you can think about it from the perspective of a Turing Complete computer, or a Universal Machine that can compute any concievable algorithm. it must be able to pause, read, write, and change, I expanded on those 4 things for this rule-set.

    Though coincidentally or holographically it does relate to the chakra’s, we are all Universal Machines, capable of computing any algorithm, to do so, we must be able to pause, read, write, and choose.

    calm aware desire choice love express intuit move

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    Ken wrote:
    4. Wild, Wild West mode. I’d lay my wager on option 4. Ken

    Git yer guns boys!!! I’ll meet ya’ll at the saloon fer whiskey!!

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    i_is_j_smith wrote:

    Ken wrote:

    4. Wild, Wild West mode. I’d lay my wager on option 4. Ken

    Git yer guns boys!!! I’ll meet ya’ll at the saloon fer whiskey!!


    1st rounds on u. and the second one, third one…


    My Work II

    “Leadership and do-ership are not the same thing”

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    can I change my user name to Black-Hat Bart?

    ooh, no, Im gonna be Mad Dog Tannen!

    I love tv bad guys.

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    great success



    hm, i am little concerned how the threads will come out – if everybody is allowed to do his unrestricted trolling, thread killing, and interuptive behavior – probably nobody will read trough the threads anymore for filtering the little useful info out of tons of wild west huray conflict is up stuff…in fact a really sticky ,intransigent, conflictive, single user could kill all the threads and shu awy all the reasonable users from all the threads….

    Profile photo of i_is_j_smith

    Just ignore them. That’s what I normally do. If they get abusive, or start flooding/spamming the thread with garbage/pics, then we all send emails/PMs and the user gets banned.

    Not a big deal…

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    Ken Sims

    After sending my long email to TSI late Wednesday afternoon, I received a short reply from Randy Wednesday evening acknowledging receiving my email and saying that he would discuss it with Michael Thursday morning.

    I’ve heard nothing further, so we are now in Wild, Wild West mode.

    I’m still serving as primary spamfighter and website admin, but I’m no longer doing any moderation of user discussions. The forums will have to be self-policing until such time as there are official moderators either from the TSI staff or approved volunteers.

    As discussed, the group can appeal for a temporary or permanent block of a disruptive user.

    I’ll quote again what I received in an email from Randy:

    I have NO PROBLEM with you banning people who distract from the fundamental reason that we have the forums: to encourage practical seasteading.

    Also, I have removed the temporary block of Capt.Sean. For issues specific to Capt.Sean’s future behavior, you can use this thread:

    General discussion of forum rules and policies should remain in this thread.

    Volunteer admin and primary spamfighter

Viewing 8 posts - 16 through 23 (of 23 total)

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