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Fly Wing Sailboat

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    woke up today went on seasteading forums.

    I had a toke and it got me wondering about sails.

    fly wing sailboat

    an ordinary bermuda sail is hard to make, and a crab claw sail typically requires a double-ended boat.

    A rogallo crab claw may work for both directions, but obstructs the mast, and has uncertain means of storage and moving parts.

    what are some efficient sailplans that can handle all directions?

    fly wing sailboat

    nature inspires us in many ways, flys can fly in all directions.

    they catch the air with good camber

    have a simple yet solid sail design which can be replicated.

    fly wing closeup

    they also have an easy to use means of storage. simply folded on back or held nearby parallel to the surface helping with balance.

    fly wing sailboat

    So I drew my fly wing sailboat, with fish-fins, an anal fin and pectoral fins.

    to see how to arrange the sails on different points of sail,I drew hypothetical points of sail on bottom of picture.

    fly wing sailboat, fly so fast, across the water, seastead nation, we’re empowered.

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    that ones a bee


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    Look at the ones they use with sailboards… Some are close to that shape. Using 2 might not work, unless one fore/one aft, as separate masts…



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    Remember, amateurs built the ark, professionals built the Titanic.

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    Hahaha what the fuck.

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    Gentry wrote:

    Hahaha what the fuck.

    haha, lol


    My work

    “Leadership and do-ership are not the same thing”

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    Have considered AIRSTEADING from a helium filled blimp if those balloons could last long enough (maybe some high tech nano materials in a few decades???) or provide enough lift.

    I know for sure that levitation/anti-grav ‘drives’ already exist. Floating islands hidden within cloud banks ! But they really want to keep everyone in the dark and take advantage of them.

    Honesty is the best policy and the sickness of those unable to understand is resulting in a polluted world with terrible constitutional and social abuses left uncorrected.

    P.S. to Tech overlords on the forum, just take me out of here and tell me the truth. This is b.s.. – faking the flaws in democracy is b.s.. Nepotism, oligarchy and brig bro, big govt, ID imposition, persecution for free thought . . . well speak ! See you with the truth in the 5th dimension? 6th? 100th dimension???

    Total Physical Freedom and Total Mental Autonomy, Tempered with Common Sense.

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Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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