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Floating Islands in Dubai

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    Here is an article on NPR regarding floating islands that are being built in Dubai. Although Dubai is a very sheltered harbor as opposed to the open ocean; it is an interesting idea.

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    I liked the simulated beach, although I always have bad feelings about Dubai, because of the asians who work their, many in Dept Bondage, a type of Slavery, i know an asian guy who escaped from their, & he was with a work team doing 12hour shifts!

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    I completely agree about Dubai. I know people who want to live there, I assume ignorant of the worker situation, and, although it is not their fault, I cannot help but think they are utter w***ers every time they mention it, and silently curse their ignorance while they go on about how brilliant it is. Due to the link between seasteading and the extensions of dubai into the water, I think we should do something to raise awareness, although it will probably never happen.

    “Fortis cadere, cedere non potest”

    “A brave man may fall, but he cannot yield”

    -Latin Proverb

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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