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Floating Curved Geodesic Structures

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    There has been talk of geodesics and spheres in these threads and I’m therefore offering the following links to maybe generate further interest in the building of strong elliptical capsules based on geodesic form.

    One of the following links has been posted previously and erroneously in another thread without generating any comment, maybe these will generate some comment in this separate thread……………



    Since I last posted to Picasa I have been concentrating on a lattice involving fifteen elliptical rings upon which solid, hollow or plate facets maybe attached. Such rings could interlock with each other without fixing, dependent on the thermal coefficient of the expansion of the material.

    I have a spreadsheet that outputs all coordinates to produce plain or jigsawed facets, lattice arcs or rings for any spherical, oval or disk-like structural forms.

    The structures at present are single frequency. I can produce multiple frequency division of the “equatorial” facets so that the unsupported span is not so large: the span of the polar facets is not so large as to require further sub-division unless the whole is very large.

    The walls of hollow, plastic or concrete facets would provide an inherent strong lattice, enhanced by an additional, inner framework to withstand the rigors of a marine environment. Additionally, hollow facets, with baffles within would allow the depth at which the structure floats to be regulated by filling or purging them.

    I am interested in the idea of transforming the plain, lattice arcs to form a cylindrical form integral to that of the previously mentioned structure. But first I need find some interest other than my own in the basic structural concept.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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