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First social

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    It was really nice to meet so many people interested in seasteading at the first social on Monday night. It surprised me to see about 30 people when about 14 RSVPed on the meetup site. (I keep thinking that most people don’t really know or care about freedom. It’s useful to be reminded that that may not be the case, at least for a small minority of people.) The rest may have been colleagues of Joe’s at a couple of the businesses he’s associated with. It didn’t surprise me that pretty much everyone I met was edgy, funny, friendly, intelligent, well-read, libertarian, aware of free-market economics, thoughtful, etc. Lots of technologists and science fiction fans it seemed. It may be worth trying to market to libertarian science fiction fans, which is exactly what Patri did when he gave a seastading talk to the San Diego Futurists in 2004. Joe’s house on the San Francisco marina is an awesome venue for a party, and most improbably for San Francisco, it has tons of parking in the Marina Green parking lot.


    Thanks to Chris, Joe, and Patri for getting folks together, and for tolerating some contrary comments. It wasn’t meant to be a PhD panel. :) I ‘m trying to fight my tendency to turn everything into a libertarian debating club. These seem to be people who want to see something concrete (pun? :) happen, not debate things endlessly. At the same time, it’s important to have ideas about how things could/should be organized. A philosophical underpinning can be a useful organizational tool, even (especially?) if the philosophy is something minimalist like “to each his own,” “live and let live,” “spontaneous order,” etc.

    Hope to see more folks at the conference next month.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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