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First annual seasteading conference!

Home Forums Community IRL GTGs First annual seasteading conference!

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    Tentatively planned for September in the SF Bay Area. Meet / hang out / brainstorm / present research. By that time we should have some physical models to show, at least pool sized.

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    Is there a list of relevant events that potential Seasteaders and interested parties might put on their calendar?

    • Free admission events are great, events with a fee are best attended by those who would get the most out of them- some technical presentations may be suited only for the more technically inclined among us, while others might be good for anybody: symposiums on intentional community and co-housing for example, or maritime entrepreneurship.
    • I think it would actually be a good function to include in the website, particularly if it could be organized by region, and have a function that allows one to indicate intention to attend and see who else might be in attendence to proivde an opportunity to meet up (even onsey-twosy) and share ideas, enthusiasm, and beer (I find almost all libertarian discussions go better with some fuel, lol)
    • Another good function to include in a website calendar would be a listserv (automated email reminders) for any event one signed up for (for example by putting their name into the website calendar for a specific event). This would not be a spam generator reminding everyone of every event, but for those in which one had already indicated an interest, or topics which come up last minute or of vital importance to the community. Keep in mind that too many unsoliicted emails dilute the message, but handy reminders of something Ione signs up for don’t tend to bother.

    This could be industry events for:

    1. commercial shipping
    2. off-shore technology
    3. space technology (if there are topics of interest to the seasteader on the agenda)
    4. commercial fishing
    5. environmentalist-oriented events (please, the more practical ones!)
    6. marine biology seminars
    7. open ocean sailing
    8. Boat and other auctions,
    9. Military surplus sales (often a good source of everything from scrap to usable vehicles and equipment)
    10. government contracting bid solicitations for maritime projects, and
    11. any other relevant event one might think of.
    • A web submission form with site admin approval would probably be the best format for getting things on the calendar, with fields for:
    1. region
    2. Event sponsor
    3. address
    4. time
    5. major category
    6. description (limited text field, should include ability to hyperlink to an online schedule or agenda if it exists.)
    7. website
    8. point of contact info for the event
    9. cost/fees
    10. transportation/ parking info if available
    11. Who submitted the event (may be a key to how interesting it will be depending upon the submitter’s major agenda)
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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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