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    south lib

    Hello everyone! i heard about the Seasteading project and i’ve been reading about it these past couple days. It’s a fantastic idea.


    I read the FAQ where they talk about “why not buy an island or a piece of land in a 3 world country?”. Off course, you still have government, taxes, etc.


    Also, there’s the Free State Project, where they hope to achieve some change with 20,000 libertarians in a 1 million+ state. But of course that’s still within the US.


    But i’ve been thinking, what about Falkland Islands? Of course, they belong to the UK, but there’s a referendum scheduled to vote for possible independence. Some british politicians apparently like the idea because it eases their (UK) relationship with Argentina. But the locals are afraid of losing economic support from Britain.


    Now, what if willing libertarians, such as those form FSP and Seasteading, migrated to Falkland? Current population is only 2,800. Compare that to the FSP! Only another 2,800 libertarians would be required to achieve majority. And then, another referendum could be called and independence achieved through legal, pacific and democratic means.


    Also, i think the locals would see the inflow with good eyes, since the islands are vastly unpopulated, and there are people from many countries living there.


    Even without full independence, there could be enough autonomy to dictate its own laws and taxes (or absence of taxes), like the isle of Man.


    What do you think? of course, only bad part is the climate!

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    Hello south lib;


    Welcome!!!  I am glad you are here.

    My understanding about seasteading is the possibility to regroup.  If one community is not desirable, the members can leave it,

    and regroup as a new community.  In the case of the Falkland Island, that would probably not the case.

    Another thing is that, new immigrants usually do not have any voting rights

    I like warm climate like Hawaii and Koro, Fiji.

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    Ken Sims

    Another consideration is that anything that doesn’t move is likely to eventually be grabbed by one land-based government or another.

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    south lib

    Hello Sparky


    Its true that you lose the ability to regroup, but you still have the other benefits, and of course, a land based community is easier/cheaper than a sea based one. Also, regrouping wouldn’t be easy once seasteads get bigger. A land community can still “regroup” simply by having the constitutional right to secede. They won’t physicaly move away, but they can have political separation.


    Regarding voting rights, they’re the same for immigrants, in the case of a referendum. Even if you have to wait 2 or 3 years to vote, that’s still more short term than the seasteads or Free State Projects, for instance.


    Hi Ken


    as for being grabbed by a government, i think that would be far fetched, since the idea is a legal and democratic change of government. It would probabily still be part of the Commonwealth, and, if i’m not mistaken, the proposal was for the Falklanders to still count with protection from the UK military. And the UK allow some well know tax havens in their own possession, like Jersey, Guernsey, Isle of Man, some Caribbean territories, etc.


    Someone taking over Falkland would be like taking over the Bahamas, or Liechtenstein.

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    Hello south lib;

    Only time can tell.  Go for it. Let us know hot it works for you.

    I think, community building is important. Welcome to this on-line community.

    Write some more.

    I will read it.


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    Just say no to taking over.


    The Falkland Islands lie on the transition area between maritime subarctic climates (Köppen cfc) and polar tundra climate (Köppen ET) zones that is very much influenced by the proximity of the Andes, the cool South Atlantic ocean with its northerly Patagonian current and the Antarctic Peninsula land mass some 680 miles (1,100 km) to the south[94] giving the islands a narrow annual temperature range. The January average maximum temperature is about 13°C (55°F), and the July maximum average temperature is about 4°C (39°F). The average rainfall in Stanley is 604 millimetres (23.8 in).


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    This is a very interesting idea.  It kinda fits under my “Viva la revolution!” post from several years back (http://www.seasteading.org/forum-list/topic/viva-la-revolution/).


    The idea is you don’t use this land-based nation as your actual seastead.  It is just a seastead incubator.  You create your land-based nation, and then you use it as a flag registry for all your seasteads.
    It’s pretty much accepted that any floating seasteads will need to fly a flag of convenience, the the goal has been to find a flag registry country that will allow as much freedom as possible on the flagged seastead.  Well, what more freedom can we get than from a country which is founded with the sole purpose of providing a flag of convenience to seasteads that allow them to do whatever they want?


    My plan called for the violent takeover of an existing nation (which I still think is the better plan) but I definitely agree that a peaceful purchase or political takeover would be a viable option.


    This is pretty awesome too because the Falkland Islands already has it’s own Registrar of Ships!  While it looks limited to only small ships, I’m sure a seastead-minded Governor could make whatever changes they wanted…








    Unfortunately it seems 1515 of the 1650 registered voters want to stay British:




    So while we could get another referendum on the docket, and we could get 1600 or so seasteaders to move there and take over, it might be pretty messy if everyone else there doesn’t want to switch.  It would be much better if there was a more balanced amount of the population that preferred independence, although I’m sure a slick PR campaign could sway many to our side if we really tried…


    Kudos on a good idea, though.  Never even thought about the Falklands for this project…

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