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Ex Navy Dive/Salvage/Accommodations Barge

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    Every so often, a retired Navy barge shows up on eBay and the like. One I have seen over the years is the YRST-2 Dive/Salvage/Accommodations Barge (1944,  261’ x 49’ x 13’), currently docked in Norfolk, VA ( link 1, link 2 ).

    Admittedly, at $750,000 OBO she’s a bit pricey for a unique fixer-upper. There was a smaller barge on eBay for a more reasonable sum but it is docked on the West Coast, while I live in North Carolina. I don’t even want to imagine how expensive it would be to tow the barge over here.


    Still, a man can dream. Assume we have power from wind, waves, and the sun. Assume we have fresh water from RO/DI filters, rainwater reclamation, and solar ovens. Assume we have vegetables from hydroponics gardens, fruit from containerized dwarf trees, chickens (meat, eggs), goats (milk, meat), and of course fish (line caught and farmed in Aquapod net pens). Assume access to television and the internet can be provided by satellite. Assume security would be provided by radar, sonar, ROVs, sensor arrays, and constant monitoring of local marine band radio and the like.


    Oh, and assume we have a tugboat and investors with deep pockets 😉

    What would be the next step? Rig the barge with jack-up spars? Devise an enormous catamaran/cradle to raise the barge out of the surf?



Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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