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Establishing a RAMFORM floating island

Home Forums Research Engineering Establishing a RAMFORM floating island

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    why yacht
    Honeycomb structure WHY yacht.
    mount fuji noodle
    Noodle restaurant Mount Fuji
    shell honeycomb ambient
    Shell honeycomb ambient.

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    Ok, Ellmer’s and Sparky’s last posts put us completely back into pie-in-the-sky, “no one is going to build this” land. Or water.

    I am building a 12′:1″ scale of something i will try to get approval to test on the local lake. I’ll need to find a new site to put in, as the biggest marina on deep water has closed up, and i lost access to my previous launch site because of dogs. The previous site where i put in the last boat i built is not deep enough, but anywhere deep enough in this lake is considered “in the main channel” (old river channel behind a dam), and the marine police get paranoid.

    I will also need to build a new multihull to tend to the experiment, but i am working on that also.


    The key issue on any waterfront building site is third party interference. The ramform allows to start very small – let’s say “boat size” then take it away from the “high interference area waterfront” and keep building in floating status. As long as you have “bulleying of marine police” in that area – doing anything that goes beyond “weekend boating” is probably not possible. For building living space on the water you need at least a 8-9 on the interference freedom scale. http://concretesubmarine.activeboard.com/t56351996/business-and-third-party-interference-freedom/
    floating concrete plate

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    I am aware of the 3rd party interferrence, it’s why i lost my pontoon boat: i wasn’t allowed to launch because using the legal boat ramp with permission and a tagged-titled boat upset the dogs in the area. The boat sat at home for several years as the wood deck rotted off, and then i scrapped the boat.

    But it seems rather stupid to go to the ocean with a completely untested design and plan to live on it no matter what. I at least need to build it to get a tag and title for it, and be inspected.

Viewing 4 posts - 31 through 34 (of 34 total)

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