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Ephemerisle not alone

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    I just ran across another group throwing a floating party.


    And has anyone seen the Floating Neutrinos site and their Atlantic crossing on a raft?


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    The first one is in sad, desperate need of editing. Genuinely painful to read.


    Much like Eskimos and snow, boat people have over 30 words for “leak.”

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    was the only one that looked seaworthy in my opinion… I think they were trying to go for ‘camp’ with the grammar Mike, I hope… You’re right though, it didn’t really get there.

    One thing for sure: if this were a race, they are in the lead!

    < http://ocr.wikia.com/wiki/Oceanic_Citizens_Republic_Wiki>

    Profile photo of OCEANOPOLIS

    @ least they have “something’ on the water!

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    Profile photo of OCEANOPOLIS

    their fascinating videos and one thing came to my mind is that “Necessity is the mother of all inventions.” The fact that they were poor and needed a cheap place to live dictated the building of their first raft, that “paddle wheeler”. In terms of crossing the Atlantic on the “Son of town hall” I have to admit,…I salute their titanium balls. But the fact is that the raft just looks like junk on the outside, but looking @ the video, Poppa did an exellent job using an old barge for the hull core and then “added” on using floatation foam and plywood.

    “The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do.”

    Profile photo of Farmer

    I thought this thread was going to be about the Bacardi rum commercial where all the boats get together, throw rocks overboard, erect a palm tree and then drink bacardi (responsibly) on the artifical island.

    In my humble opinion; all quite barking mad but that is irrelevant.

    They ARE in the lead; in fact as far as seasteading goes TSI is not even in the race.

    Of course if club stead were more than a computer graphic then TSI’s floating Vegas would be far ahead of everyone.

    This is what I keep preaching around here: a variety of approaches, different designs, different economic models and different motivations.

    That WAS what TSI was all about. I suggest that is still the only way seasteading will become a reality.

    Profile photo of Jack

    Well thats so sweet I liked the owlparty, bunch o’ laid back folks getting on with reality! its not steel glass & concrete & “nice pictures” but its REAL! God love e’m

    Any ways, GOOD FIND! NILLO.

    money is the real bitch we need to tame, since like most of you i dont fancy living like scrap caravan owners.

    I like things Ship shape & Bristol fation, or a nice green island hmmm.

    hmm.. money that gives me an idea.

    HEY nillo hope you dont mind me going off topic a bit.

    I pay $4,275 a year in taxes for “community services” & then $6,531 on my wages!

    Thats $10,806 in TAX OMG

    & i only make $28,000-30,000 a year

    After all that I have no democratic say on the day to day things that touch my life!

    Hell i’d be willing to pay the EXACT same money, in exchange for some freedom, & DIRECT DEMOCRACY.

    Profile photo of Farmer

    The main difference is that those events are actually happening.

    “We regret to tell our community that we are canceling Ephemerisle 2010 due to insurance costs. For more details, please see the blog post announcement.”

    Of course the insurance company said “drinking, combined with experimental floaty things?”

    When TSI had no assets to attach then there was no chance of anyone getting sued.
    I think this clearly underscores the problem with TSI becoming a legitimate non-profit organization rather than a semi-underground disorganization of seditious scruffians; the latter has much more freedom.
    I wonder if they have looked into the price of a policy for Cubstead yet. Thinking like an assessor for a second; I’d rather insure a drunken 16 year old behind the wheel of a space shuttle.
    This is where I preach diversity again. You see there will be a party that weekend, just not one that officially has anything to do with anything official. TSI can’t have a party without the possibly of being held liable for some moron drowning himself so, just some folks on some rafts.

    (…cancel Ephemerisle 2010…)

    In project management we call that “introduce a snake in a project”.

    You come up with a “requirement” that can not possibly be given to you. – The classic snake is a “insurance” for a project that contains something “experimental” – we all know that insurance companies make money with insuring events where they have complete statistics about accident rates – so they can estimate – if they cant’t estimate they don’t do it – or ask for a astronomic sum to cover “incertain factor” – of course – this is how insurance business works.

    In any case the snake “insurance requirement for something experimental” is deadly – once introduced in a project the project is dead. A elegant way to create a road block without being the “bad authorithy that inhibits new things”.

    As frequently said in different forums – project management is the hard part – pay attention to project management issues.

    Remains the interesting question – Was this snake “self introduced” or “authority introduced”?


    Profile photo of Jack

    Oh come ON! ephemerisle.org/the-event/when-and-where/ look (sorry but)

    Why would the TSI be giving money/grants to these people, when they are not conducting their experiment offshore, its on a RIVER for peats sake!

    Honestly what did they think would happen? those are managed waters! what a waste of money.

    it would be better if 2-3 of us got together & asked for some money to buy enough concrete to build ourslef a floating island that could weatehr a storm ofshore!

    Ellmer, your the sub/concrete guy right? How much money in USD would we need for buying enough concrete & reinforcment materials to build a floating Acre of “land” thats sits 2-3 meters above sea level? how much we talking in materials alone?

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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