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Ephemerisle – Group buys on building materials?

Home Forums Community IRL GTGs Ephemerisle – Group buys on building materials?

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    I’m looking forward very much to this years Ephemerisle. However since I’m going to be catching a flight from sunny old England, I’m going to be bringing little, if any tools or building supplies.

    Anyway, I figure since alot of the stuff people are going to be building floats out of is fairly stock (timer, hardboard, barrels etc), that willing parties could get together and do a wholesale group buy on some of this stuff, which will put prices lower and hopefully lead to a more kick ass festival for everyone.

    This is also handy for people like me who aren’t going to be able to take supplies with them, so I won’t have to wangle extra transport to go pick up supplies.

    Not sure if the discount is going to be worth the effort of bulk buying, but I’m interested in the possibility.

    Post here if you’re interested in getting together on something like this, or if you see an obvious flaw in the idea.

    also anyone in the CA area with knowledge of wholesale/bulk-buy suppliers of typical float building material would be much appreciated to chime in.

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    Can I ask how you are planning on getting to the site? I’m also in the UK and looking at the feasability of getting to ephemerisle this year, but I am on a limited budget and can’t see any low cost way to get from SFO(is that the closest/easiest) to the site.

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    Hey, probably a rental car or public transport, assuming i can’t find anyone who feels like sharing.

    I’m trying to sort out some warehouse/workshop rental space to pre-build what I can before the festival.

    I’ve PM’ed you my personal email so if you’re interested in sharing/splitting some costs.

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    We should have a rideshare board available for people who need rides from anywhere in the Bay Area over to the Ephemerisle site.

    There will be plenty of groups heading from San Francisco and Oakland, and SFO is just a transit ride away from nearly anywhere you’d need to meet up to catch a ride. It shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

    I’m more interested to see if groups are able to coordinate with each other remotely, as you guys are suggesting. I think that’d be really impressive.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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