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    I need to expend energy to move away from my current position. Why should I incur the cost of that when I was there first?

    You can use sails or current kites or …..

    Whatever the specifics, you made my point for me:

    There is no position better than another unless you are trying to keep away from the wind, in which case you would want to be downwind of someone so they can take the brunt of it.

    So you agree there is a better position to be in. And I just so happen to be in the perfect position. Now I have to move because they have piled manure on their decks. I will be negatively impacted, because I now have to move to a less-optimal position. Once in my less-optimal position, the wind will interfere with my Jet Ski Combat fights. How is that fair?

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    I didn’t say it was perfect. But you can either go over and kick the manure into the sea, or you move your seastead. Either way you’re going to have to do something, or just deal with it.

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    This has given me an idea. A seastead dedicated to all sorts of games. I’m not just talking about gambling, although I concede that a seastead based on gambling could work: see Las Vegas as an example.

    Another sort of entertainment issue that has my attention now is things like satellite media (Internet, Radio, Phone and TV). To be precise, how would you arrange obtaining them in a seastead? Radio waves that are used for traditional media can only go so far from the transmitter and laying cable to the nearest mainland is not likely to be cost-effective enough.

    I can understand an internal media network for the whole seastead, but what if you want media from outside it?

Viewing 3 posts - 31 through 33 (of 33 total)

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