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An engineering forum?

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    The world is full of posers.

    Why does ellmer hand out in the engineering sections when he clearly “cant discuss” engineerings issues due to national security and non proliferation agreements against submarine technology?

    is he here to offer dis-information, to stir the pot, to sidestep details for lack of progress or real national security?

    Is a simple concrete sub a real national security classified issue?

    My god people have you gone insane?

    Is this an open discussion area to promote the free exchange of information or not?

    pressure hulls to a point are required discussion to any floating or submerged operation, weather they are pontoons, hulls spheres etc…

    Has ellmer ever really posted any supportive information on “how to” do anything.

    I have asked some legitimate questions about my personal designs and gotten no help, are we here to help one another or not?

    Are we going to discuss specific methods of concrete construction that dosent result in cold joints? are cold joints an issue? is rebar in the concrete a real issue, does it really create spalling

    Anytime ellmer is asked specific questiond to the manufacture of the hull, all you get is a blank.

    I dont care to see multi billion dollar floating giant concrete structures as you and I in all actuality will never be able to even start to develop anything like that, we need to focus on practical information.

    Is seasteading a hope and a dream for individuals to come together in a utopia water world type sceanario or is it all corporate billions$$ based?

    I feel it is more like homesteading and we need something that is provable on a small scale that can be done by labor of few individuals and once a module is developed it can be expanded uppon.

    I love the concrete dingy, its fabulous and realistic, once proven which now it is, why not expand on its size and create a floating apartment, then a house, to a village of many units migrating around the coastal and intercoastal waterways. I like the bergstead but it looks like its getting very complicated and beyond the reach of most individuals development wise.




    ….ahem…no comment…can we have a calumny gets deleted politics here?

    Profile photo of georgeberz

    and again, ellmer posts nothing helpful… are hulls national security issues ellmer?

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    ….ahem…no comment…can we have a calumny gets deleted politics here?

    Can you please just comment on my thread when you have someting to post that contributes to the thread theme….or have a comment prone to get a chat in place that is focused on the thread theme. –

    Profile photo of georgeberz

    Is this where ellmer keeps his concrete sub?

    Concrete Sub GPS coordinates paste the line below into google earth, zoom way in

    10.387117, -75.516551

    Comes back to Navtec Shipyards


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    He wont even talk about the basic stuff about the sub im sure he wont give up where its at. Will all know his bigger sub has failed and is just sitting because the harbor master doesnt wanna deal with it

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    there goes the neighborhood.

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    Hey, you guys simply haven’t read enough of the forums, if you think the info isn’t available.

    All in all, there are enough pictures and posts, to piece together the process and how it works.

    Basically a rebar frame is made, then there are some kind of molds, which have concrete poured into them, a rectangularish chunk gets made at a time.

    lol, ya, just lets be calm and happy :-)….. anyhow,, while plastering the concrete dinghy, I realized that I could easily add more layers of concrete later, technically it contains the same kind of rebar-skeleton Also for a while I realized there would be “biofouling” or a “hull-garden” as I like to call it, which adds it’s own weight, technically the hull-garden sea-shells can be ground-up and furnaced to make more cement.

    georgeberz wrote:

    I love the concrete dingy, its fabulous and realistic, once proven which now it is, why not expand on its size

    currently the main obstacle is having a place to build it, and the funds to build it with.

    if we can make it in under 28 days, then could possibly make an outlying platform on stilts, then once it’s finished, we simply undo the platform, and the boat should drop in the water, ready to sail-away.

    and create a floating apartment, then a house, to a village of many units migrating around the coastal and intercoastal waterways.

    oh certainly, it shall occur, concrete flying cities have been experienced by many viewers and time-traveleres of our possible futures.

    calm aware desire choice love express intuit move

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    Capt.Sean wrote:

    I saw your thing i want you built very cool in just looking for these

    there is no way these guys can be for real, lol

    Profile photo of Capt.Sean

    I saw what your working on it looks good and im not asking how to built one i saw your write up. I just wanna know these things
    1.) where are these subs today. mainly the 90’s one as i understand it the new one has never been in the water and is just sitting

    2.) when he put the 90’s sub in the water how long was it there and what did it do

    3) whats inside them are they filled with the greatness he has shown in his pics of hotel lobbies and planes or just nothing

    4)what kind of motors are inside them or are there none.

    I know uv even posted saying you would like to know where the old 20 ton is since it has been the only one in the water

    Profile photo of georgeberz

    elspru, like I said you have a great concept, glad to see you working on it. I like the way yove documented your workings.

    Scale, concrete cures best underwater! look for details of underwater curing… I recently saw here a large floor being poured for a shopping center and when they were done pouring the concrete they put 1-2 inches of water on top by putting up a ring around the whole floor and flooded it with water. I asked the forman and he stated that the concrete will absorb moisture form the water and hydrate the concrete better for a better cure. I have heard that elsewhere.

    as for 28 days, that is for the rated strength to set in, concrete keeps getting harder as more time goes by but likewide the initial strength curve 3 days has x percent, then 7 days has most and increases until 28 days, after 28 days it still make progress but very small amounts.

    I had been thinking of making a ball for a boat, similar to yours but a ball and had given thought to the manufacture, what if you only plastered the bottom 1/4 or 1/5th enough to get it floating then adding more up the sides as time goes on, or looking into submerging the forum and casting underwater building up the sides until above water then when ready pumping the water out with a small pump then the boat would float off the bottom?

    Well anyhow just a few of my thoughts on the process.

    Have you given any thought to covering the entire shell with 1 sheet of fiberglass cloth and some resin?

    George http://outpostalpha.com

    Profile photo of xns

    Can’t say I agree with your post George, but good job keeping it in a separate thread. The last thing we need is more random OT posts.

    King Shannon of the Constitutional Monarchy of Logos.

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