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    Are most marine vessels run primarily on DC? I would think so. Whatever, the original source (and most of them should be DC, I should think- PV, Wind turbine, diesel generator) converting back and forth from AC-DC has inefficiencies, and AC is primarily useful for transmitting power long distances. With central electrical runs form the power plant on a small ‘stead, or multiple runs forom multiple systems on bigger ones, it seems like it would be possible to engineer most devices and appliances to use DC.

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    • Yes and no. Most diesel-electric propulsion systems (probably all) are DC. It is more efficient and more easily controlled. Small marine electronics run on 10-40 VDC. Most everything else like motors are run on 120vac on small boats (say up to about 50-80 ft loa), 240vac 3ph on boats from 70-150ft loa, and 460vac 3ph for larger stuff.
    • The solar and wind industry have conversion worked out pretty well. Converting back and forth is not as inefficient as it used to be. From a practical standpoint, equipment such as desalinators or kitchen sink garbage disposals operate on AC. Converting ordinary electric equipment with DC motors is prohibitively expensive.

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    Most appliances are AC. So most people put up with power losses (which are not that great) and convert DC to AC to simplify the appliance issue.

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    there are inverters and magick boxes of all descriptions on the market to switch back and forth. its effectively a non-issue. the only real consideration is efficency, how best to use, store and gather your power

    Gorlov Turbines are the best for water. Jury is out on Wind Turbines and solar just keeps getting better month by month. I don’t think there will be much of a problem feeding your average Seastead with all the power it needs.

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    I was wondering about purpose-built appliances for marine vessels. I know a lot of houses that are designd for “off-grid” go with as many DC solutions as possible. I know that conversion is not a super high loss, but the equipment can be expensive.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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