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Eco-Terrorism a likely future for Seasteaders?

Home Forums Research Law and Politics Eco-Terrorism a likely future for Seasteaders?

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    Um… I thought the whole idea about Seasteads was to be outside national sovereignty, about 200 miles away from any coastline. Trips to shore would be rare due to the distance involved and only for trade, buying those things Seasteads can’t produce (toilet paper, SPAM, etc.). For ecological dumping to become an issue, the government involved would have to carry it all the way past its boundries and bring the ships all the way back. The sort of coastal dumping you describe, as I understand it, are all relatively close to the shoreline. (Ironically, though, there already is one in the area between California and Washington, according to the wiki.) Hence, seasteads and eco-dumping should be far apart and have nothing to do with each other. Plus, there are plenty of environmental watchdogs who would be more than happy to attack land-governments for dumping. Hope this helps.

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    hmm, well I dont agree with dumping, but hey i dont agree with nukes, so maybe im biasd.

    However if you have your own sea territory, & Marine designated protection zones backed up by your environmental agency, why not just board them for breaking your marine protection laws, then impound the (exspensive) vessel that was doing the dumping, & any other vessel that dose the same or trys to obstruct the course of justice?

    then sell off the impounded vessels if within 3 months or somthing (maritime law probably covers this)

    Profile photo of elspru

    For sure, eco-balancing is supported by the Constitution I drafted up.

    It’s clause number 9:

    9. let entity be planetary or do environmentalism

    I was a pirate in a past life,

    so I’m completely complacent with spilling blood and guts.

    As well as making “pictures of horror” to enstill deepseeded terror.

    Much prefer long blades, more blood, flesh, and mutilation.

    The whole point of with any form of behaviour that isn’t necessarily supported by everyone,

    is that you have to hide your identity, potentially making it look like someone else.

    Just as America terrorizes the world and blames the “communists” or “muslims”.

    Honestly I think the the trees and forests deserve to be protected,

    As do the sharks, whales and other aquatic life forms.

    I’m sorry if it offends you,

    but I think humans deserve,

    the same horrendous deaths,

    that they inflict on others.

    As karmic retribution.

    Sabatoging infrastructure is easier agreed.

    If we were to have a real eco-balancing campaign,

    It would be best to go after the highest ranking people we can find.

    To make examples of the rich, and those pigs stuffing themselves from the pain of the planet.

    Due to media blackouts, we might need to make our own documentation,

    spread it around on the internet, and sabateur and snuff videos.

    Of course with minimal evidence of who it’s done by.

    Also I think it should be completely fine to deal in human body parts.

    We kill and sell the parts of plants and animals, so it’s only fair.

    I wouldn’t mind having a few human skulls.

    I’ve spent a long time as a reptilian,

    where we would prey on and eat,

    lower life forms, including humans.

    One thing I learned,

    selective destruction isn’t enough,

    is that it’s also nessecary to support an environment.

    For instance giving beneficial nutrients to the water.

    Allowing a polyculture of plants and animals,

    and otherwise increasing abundance.

    So selective destruction, plus selective creation,

    makes a world of change.

    calm aware desire choice love express intuit move

    Profile photo of Jack

    Dose any one remember the moment in the movie CONAIR, when they let the phsycho out the cage & the other Con asks whats wrong with him?? & the cop says…

    Profile photo of elspru

    Pastor_Jason wrote:

    Someone mentioned my comment about dead water areas due to fertilizer run off not really being an issue. These chemicals do not bring beneficial nutrients to the sea but rather kill off the micro bacteria that oxygenates the water. The dead water areas have NO LIFE in them due to the lack of oxygen. This problem is a growing one and I take it seriously, but there is no single factory to target…

    Oh yes there is my friend!

    That’s the beauty of centralization of power.

    Monsanto for instance, and it’s corporate executives.

    They have killed thousands probably millions already.

    Maybe we can catch them out yachting.

    We can have lists of people,

    with the assosciated attrocities they’ve commited.

    Then tribes interested in helping the environment,

    can go and punish them to their own satisfaction.

    I am glad that many here seem to be peaceful folks. We have to consider than some seasteaders may not be.

    Live Well!


    You’re in the army, and you talk about peace?

    Seems like utter hypocricy to me.

    The whole point of a military is to cause havoc and destruction.

    The american military does it in a wasteful glutinous manner,

    since that’s most reflective of the home-culture.

    One of the main targets for eco-balancing,

    can be prison-breaking, because prisons are unconstitutional.

    7. let entity be traveler or do move

    Though we can interact with people

    12. let entity be universal or do intersect
    13. let entity be multiversal or do union

    The ability for an entity to move 7 is more primitive, so more important.

    If you suppress the trunk of a tree, the leaves will fall from lack of nutrients,

    without any leaves to gives energy, the tree will die.

    We are a spiritual tree, the trunk our body,

    our leaves our mind.

    calm aware desire choice love express intuit move

    Profile photo of elspru

    Jack wrote:

    Dose any one remember the moment in the movie CONAIR, when they let the phsycho out the cage & the other Con asks whats wrong with him?? & the cop says…

    Like I said, prisons and cages are unconstitutional.

    Seeing humans encage themselves,

    is highly aversive.

    Tribes are a much better alternative.

    Roudy people can simply go to roudy tribes.

    It is far more natural that way.

    That way anyone that has roudy “urges”,

    can simply go to a roudy tribe to do them,

    since it’s completely fine and dandy there.

    The “peaceable puritans”,

    can be in their own tribes,

    hopefully bordered by some friendly roudy tribes.

    for protection from unfriendly roudy tribes.

    When we find some people killing nature,

    trying to satisfy their desire for money,

    to put food on the plates of their families.

    We can simply hire them into the We You Net.

    Let them have a taste and feel of our system.

    We can give them a choice to get a more sustainable job.

    Give them some debt dinje, so they can pay you back later,

    for doing them the service of bringing them to a sorting facility.

    Where they can live in a tribe,

    a natural social support system,

    where they can feel their uniqueness,

    is fully and completely appreciated.

    It’s dinje in their hands, can look and feel like contemporary currencies.

    Though dinje are actually mini contracts for debt (buyer) dinje and money (seller) dinje,

    that expire at the end of a transaction (buyer pays seller).

    calm aware desire choice love express intuit move

    Profile photo of Terraformer

    If a country was dumping “pollution” near me, I’d simply thank them for it and render it into usable products. Plastic? Thanks, I needed some building materials. Fertilizer? Great, I can use that in my farms. Nuclear materials? If it doesn’t sink to the bottom of the ocean, and my ‘stead is advanced enough (city sized), I’ll use bacteria to separate it out, and reprocess it for use in my reactors.


    Seasteading is to Boat Living what Traction Cities are to Vandwelling – simply a matter of scale.

    Profile photo of tusavision

    Using seasteading as a vehicle to engage in “Road Warrior”/”Avatar-esque” anarchist war porn fantasies accomplishes nothing but harming the credibility of the concept.

    If anyone ever feels financially threatened by seasteading enough to engage in a PR campaign against it: posts like this would be the fuel they would use to burn it at the stake and scare off investors.

    But I’m the last one to advocate censorship, so please: by all means, carry on.

    I honestly think political speculation should have it’s own forum called “the looney bin” to distance TSI and the serious engineering/business/environmental discussions from this sort of craziness.

    The forum description could be:

    “By all means: have the sort of speculative discussions that science fiction is made of, but please do so here in an unofficial capacity.”


    Damn, I’m turning in to a super wet blanket foagie. Allow me to revise: SMASH THE STATE!

    Profile photo of Ken Sims
    Ken Sims
    tusavision wrote:

    If anyone ever feels financially threatened by seasteading enough to engage in a PR campaign against it: posts like this would be the fuel they would use to burn it at the stake and scare off investors.

    If you’re talking about the post which was immediately prior to yours, it was for the purpose of spamming a link. Both the post and the spammer’s account are now gone.

    Note: The spammer added the link after making the initial posting so you may have seen it when it didn’t have the spam link.

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    I think tusavision has a good point… Ecoterrorism would be the wrong way to ‘prove’ that Seasteading could help save mankind from ourselves… Why bring the negative outlook upon a new venture, into a new frontier, with something as stupid as ecoterrorism? Sure, I’m all for ‘save the whales/dolphins/etc.’, BUT using extreme measures puts all attempts to live on the sea at risk…



    Never be afraid to try something new…

    Remember, amateurs built the ark, professionals built the Titanic.

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