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Diamond Shoals Light Station for sale, is it far enough off shore?

Home Forums Community Dreaming / Crazy Ideas / Speculation Diamond Shoals Light Station for sale, is it far enough off shore?

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    Found this on reddit, it’s an abandoned lighthouse modified from an old drilling platform. I don’t have time to contribute any conversation right now, but I thought people here might be interested.

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    I found the same listing via a different website. It’s a tempting prospect, to be certain. Not far enough offshore to be in international waters, but if one was to invest in the property and then gather fishing and diving investors via via kickstarter, I’m sure it could be repurposed as a vacation property.

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    It looks like a rust bucket to me. Also, the location sucks,…the graveyard of the Atlantic.
    “Along the Outer Banks, the cold waters of the Labrador Current, which originates around the Baffin Sea between Greenland and northeast coast of Canada, collide with the warm waters of the Gulf Stream flowing from Caribbean Sea. The hazards of severe weather, strong currents, and navigational challenges, particularly in the Diamond Shoals area off Cape Hatteras, combined to cause the loss of thousands of ships and an unknown number of human lives. More than 1,000 ships have sunk in these waters since records began in 1526.”

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    Three days left. No takers? 😉

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    After viewing additional photos of the structure, coupled with ambiguous wording in the inspection document that seems to state repairs must be completed within 2 years, methinks I will let this one Rust In Peace. https://extportal.pbs.gsa.gov/RedinetDocs/uploadedFiles/marketing/inspection.pdf (PDF, 100+ pages with photos)

    “The National Historic Lighthouse Preservation Act of 2000… provides a mechanism for the conveyance of Federally-owned historic light stations to qualified new stewards. The NHLPA gives priority to public bodies and non-profit corporations to acquire a historic light station at no-cost… If no steward is identified through this process, the NHLPA authorizes the General Services Administration (GSA) to conduct a public sale…” Since they could not even give this one away, it leads me to believe Diamond Shoals Light Station is unsalvageable.

    In essence I would be bidding on $15,000 worth of scrap metal that would have to be removed, cleaned, and replaced. Also, the bid did not include the land beneath the tower. Is it worth $15,000 to buy the right to rebuild a dilapidated structure, without any rights to the land beneath it? Maybe. Possibly. The diving would be superb. The night sky would be unmatched. But having to restore what looks like a John Carpenter movie set would be daunting at best.

    Now, if the land beneath/near the tower was included, I would establish a memorial reef made of concrete structures mixed with cremated remains, ala The Neptune Society. “The Graveyard of the Atlantic”. The light station could be used for solar panels to power a neighborhood of undersea homes like the H2OME.

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    Whoah! an ex-Navy barge that was on eBay years ago is still for sale… 261′ long for $750,000: http://www.scrutonmarine.com/B2107.htm Now, how to lift something 1,000 tons up on spars…. 😉

    Or for a more reasonable $239,000 there is this 110′ barge on eBay: http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/110-x-34-NAVY-BARGE-SOLID-STEEL-US-Built-US-OWNED-9-000-sq-ft-Enclosed-/230841786636?pt=Other_Boats&hash=item35bf3e210c#ht_1052wt_1182

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    The auction closed today, with a winning bid of $17,200, to these folks: http://zapwatertechnology.com

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    Two photos appearing on the new owner’s facebook page in 2013, and in Wikimedia dated June 2012, shows storms since the USCG inspection report dated January 2012 have knocked out several large sections of the K-bracing at the waterline, severely compromising the stability of the tower and it’s resistance to future storms.

    ^ url=”http://fbcdn-sphotos-b-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-frc1/1008278_198349123656255_1676611363_o.jpg”

    ^ url=”http://fbcdn-sphotos-h-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/484202_130293710461797_1832959103_n.jpg”

    ^ url=”http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/5/5a/Diamond_shoal_light.jpg”

    So Zapwater hasn’t made any repairs at all so far, and i fear the tower won’t last thru two years. I don’t understand what mechanism the federal gov has if the repairs are not made in two years, but i’d have thought they’d come into play when big hunks of the main structure begin falling into the ocean.

    I think the value is only partially in the tower and platform itself, part of the value is the right to be there, above the waves or in the surrounding water. You cannot just go out and plant a tower somewhere, or go out and permanently anchor something. It’s possible, maybe, that even if the platform and legs collapse under Zap’s mismanagement, as long as there is some leg coming up out of the bottom, that rights might exist to build new legs in and onto the original stubs. At 42inch diameter, you can cram a lot of supporting steel structure into the whatever leg is left in the seafloor.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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