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design idea

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    re Seasteading

    Inspired by;

    Siphonophorae esp Man O War

    Buckminister Fuller

    Augustin Jean Fresnel

    An Airtight Geodesic structure (with a “Balloon” extending from it’s center-top)each panel is a lightweight Fresnel Lens and below the dome are inflatable buildings. All lenses point at a central “air heater” creating the heat necessary for the anchored dome to float with an alternative energy backup source. A wireless “net” of sensors extending out could monitor adjust systems to wave activity. thus somewhat mitigating the Rogue Wave danger factor. Alternately the structure could stay permanently at an altitude deemed to be safe. Seawater hydraulic elevators could provide transport to the buildings. Some structures could be submerged with an Air (power ) funnel connecting to the dome for breathing and hot air access for buoyancy control and to return to the surface/normal altitude.

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    So the thought is that a geodesic dome living area, with a hot air balloon above it? Interesting idea. The balloon would need to be pretty huge, right?


    Actually the “dome” itself as a “furnace, a sort of hard “balloon” with a soft “balloon” providing extra buoyancy. The size of the balloon would be relative to the size/weight of the structure and yes, perhaps would need to be quite large such as the ratios seen in hot air balloons.

    The living areas would be below and/or extending out below the Dome.,”inflatable” structures (think Zodiac inflatable boats, hovercraft, or even a “bouncy House :)etc) thus lightweight.

    It was a rather fanciful inspiration.

    My initial thought when seeing the Seasteading proposed “platform” structures was a design based more on a “tree” rather than a “platform”

    Rather than 4 columns, One central column with a “branch” or “umbrella” type structure where “inflatable buildings “hang” from the structure like fruit.

    Perhaps the “trunk” could be hollow and serve as a storm shelter for the residents. The inflatable structures could “deflate” or be submerged even in times of “storms”.

    I really like inflatables for human structures and furnishings, in some ways, versus hard materials. Super child safe and safer for the elderly as well. When you fall down or bump something it doesn’t hurt. etc.. Plus no “mites” clean! Naturally I envision all the “plastics” involved as being “hemp” based and thus non- toxic.

    Seasteading is a fun design challenge and sparks the imagination!

    I obviously am not an engineer :) but the traditional “oil platform style in their drawings seemed like “nothing new”.

    I have seen some others in this forum talking about inflatables and interlocking units etc..

    I would feel safer in an inflatable structure at sea than on a platform, now anyway. I try to keep an open mind.

    It will be so interesting to see what comes from all this.

    Thank you for allowing me to clarify about the dome and express another thought on a different design idea!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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