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Deep Cargo

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    How about ‘deep cargo’? Shipping containers are lost at sea. Some sink, others float,
    or they float for a while and after that they sink.
    Can these containers be picked up? What about the cargo in them. Insurance payed for it?
    Whose cargo is it legally? Can it be finders keepers?

    So to find deep cargo sank or floating. And to bring containers to a floating barge, or
    to a tower like Diamond Shoals, open the container and sell cargo using ebay.
    Lots of deep cargo is out there.

    A floating container could be found with a sailboat, hopefully not by collision.
    An extra set of rigs can be put on the container, and the container could be sailed to destination.
    Or something like that for a start. It might be a very low level investment start.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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