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Deep Cargo

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    How about ‘deep cargo’? Shipping containers are lost at sea. Some sink, others float,
    or they float for a while and after that they sink.
    Can these containers be picked up? What about the cargo in them. Insurance payed for it?
    Whose cargo is it legally? Can it be finders keepers?

    So to find deep cargo sank or floating. And to bring containers to a floating barge, or
    to a tower like Diamond Shoals, open the container and sell cargo using ebay.
    Lots of deep cargo is out there.

    A floating container could be found with a sailboat, hopefully not by collision.
    An extra set of rigs can be put on the container, and the container could be sailed to destination.
    Or something like that for a start. It might be a very low level investment start.


    Thats a cool idea! But where or how do you find these?

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    May be an underwater drone. That would be a nowhow secret of the business. It would have to be developed.
    Or some other ways. Got to do it to learn how. I am learni g scuba diving. Many different thing in conjunction
    can work. May be. It could be a business. I understand that some people do it. Nothing is new.

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    Do metal detectors work under water?

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    As for finding them… perhaps the data is already available for lost cargo containers? I imagine it would be… then you’ve got to factor in currents, how long it will take to sink etc, and get a good idea of where they are. Perhaps a drone detecting iron levels in the water could help locating them?

    They’re going to be down quite deep, so don’t expect to pick them up in person. You’ll be wanting a drone to attach a balloon to it and lift it to the surface, where you can then haul it aboard and start salvaging it.

    For legal issues, see the Law of Salvage – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Law_of_salvage Though I’m sure most will simply allow you to keep what you’ve salvaged, because it’s unlikely to still be in saleable condition. You’re probably looking for at recycling everything, contained included, into raw materials which can be sold or used.

    I can easily imagine it supporting a scavenger raft city.

    If you figure out a cheap way to extract plastic particles from the water, you could clean up the garbage patch, and break the plastic down for fuel. Could you extract hydrocarbon waste from the water and refine it for cheaper than oil sells?

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    Hi Terraformer,
    All of that can be right, I think.
    Thank you for the link.


    lost cargo is big business you need a oceanic solution to get there and grab it…

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    Thank you for telling me what I need.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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