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Creating the Demand

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    One thing I know is that things break. There will always be a market for people like me that can fix them. I am really looking forward to this because as a lifelong maintenance guy, I would love to live on a seastead practicing my trade.

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    hello after looking at seveal options and yet have not seen any real,

    proposals. Todays socities is base on a Instant Youth,

    Instant meals, and such with no thought on how things are made or where they come from.

    In order to have a total self suficiant Socities on must go back to the basics

    Total use of Resorces, and yes it won’t be easy, No simple fixes.

    Ok food storage options

    Old Fashond Canning usiing Glass Jars

    dehydrated food storage

    Cold Storage


    Cooling systems should be powered by Electricy/Gas

    Gas meaning Hydrogen


    Make hydrogen through electrolysis, sea water is pumped in to Processing tank, electrolysis breaks is down to Hydrogen and Oxigen. the hydrogen Is then use to power genatarors, cooking and such. Oxigen would be piped through ventalation systems, and storage refill sights for Dive Tanks and such.

    all Genarators Should have Stanless Steel Exhaust and the by product of burning hydrogen is water. which is recollected.

    Distilling of Sea Water, set up a boiler system Useing hydrogen Burner, the Steam would be used to Power other Food Processing systems ( such has Gran processing Mills ) to make Flour, or corn meal.

    By Product of the Water Distilling would be Sea Salt

    Which could be exported if not used for other process , such as Curing of meat or Turned in to Clorine

    ok so where Does the Electricty come from for the electrolysis, in the First place solar panels on deack for shade or roofs on barns for Farm animals

    The First Thing to Build is The Floating Farm out of a Old Tanker of some sort above deck is coverd with irragation system concisting of Farming tiles and Gravel covered with Top soil,


    Corn grown for feed of livestock, cooking oil , processed in to ethonal or yes moonshine.

    Grapes for juice and wine.

    Rice for food and sakie

    patatos food and vodka

    soybeans cooking oil, tofu

    and other comon veg.

    Live stock

    cows for meat milk and cheese

    rabbits for meat

    chickens eggs and meat

    pigs for meat

    Bees for Pollination of crops and Honey and meade

    Freash water Fish Farming Catfish, Cropie, Trout, Bass

    earth worms

    so basically what we need is to get a small Labratory the can Process the Sea Salt, Make Cooking oils, and other items that can be made from crops and animals

    small dairy processing faclity

    Meat Processing Faclity

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    So I am new here, and I have to say that I love this concept. I’ve actually thought about this before, but never knew there were so many people working on/interested in it.

    I was reading some of the ideas in this tread and it ocured to me… The GOLD RUSH!!! People need something, a promise of a better future or just money beyond their dreams, to make them take this plunge. This is was made people expand westard in the US in search of gold, to texas in search of oil. It is what has lead to most of the major ‘frontier’ movements in history. Sure, people will move under socioeconomic pressures, but not without the motivation that there will be something better on the other end.

    An improved standard of living, an oportunity for profit, along with the increase of freedom should drive people into Seasteads.

Viewing 3 posts - 46 through 48 (of 48 total)

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