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Competition vs Cocreation

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    shredder7753 wrote:

    see i like ur mentality. u, me, and Wil are actually competitors.

    u how about co-creators of a new market.

    The more seasteads, the more market….. win win wind

    winding up in spirals of joy and fastidious honours.

    I don’t believe that seasteading has competitors – the ocean is big enough to have a lot of parallel projects that do not need to compete about anything.

    Much like Ellmer said, there is plenty of ocean,

    and in fact there is also an ocean of people.

    Note that all the concrete seastead builders are evenly spaced along the 78th parallel,

    Ellmer is Equatorial, Shred is Tropical, and Elspru is Temperate.

    So we all have humoungus areas to operate in.

    As soon as there is a successful brand, there are also a bunch of knockoff brands.

    As we’ve all grown up here on the forums in some way, it’s possible we’ll share a community.

    Certainly if I make a successful seastead business, can likely visit and support some projects.

    I’d love to live on a seastead with Ellmer, he’s a mature and responsbile person.

    So as long as i do not get a better offer from anywhere else it will probably be my best move to stay where i am and where i have built a local support base in the last years.

    Certainly. I feel much the same way.

    My local and remote support bases are strong and diverse.

    The fact that the yard where we have been building Ian’s boat was sold can be positive or negative – is not clear yet . I have built things in 6 different sites in Cartagena and have possibilities in much more – so i do not depend on that yard.

    ya totally, there are many places a boat can be built.

    The whole thing of “declaring a project in a budget free room” is a kind of useless exercise. We already tested the budget ambient on the forums and found that 5000 USD/month project budget was something that we could not get together.

    you know, there might be ways of reducing that price.

    You’ve already made a bunch of concrete floating things,

    maybe you can attach them together, perhaps as catmaran and make a floating drydock.

    That would drastically reduce workspace cost, then you could save on cement by using larger aggregate, small rocks can be harvested for free.

    Have you considered actually living in a seastead?

    Since you’ve certainly made enough of them to do so.

    Consider it part of the field-testing, marketing and advertising.

    For me this more or less the point where i stop speaking about a “project” and take it as “chat” instead. There is a certain value in “keep chatting” – but to relocate a group of people you need serious budget frames and i can not see that happening.

    yep, we are already in places we like or we would have moved ourselves.

    It would make more sense for us to simply inspire more seasteaders in our own areas.

    Nevertheless – keep going – keep trying – when you come to age 50 as i am you will regret more the things that you did not try than the ones that you tried.


    Ya, I’d go further and say not doing or not taking them through to completion.

    Like I’m amazed myself how many things I’ve “tried” lol, but ya I guess don’t have time for all of them, gotta focus to make a difference.

    I’m happy that I’ve found some things which I can really make a business out of.

    Yesterday I reprinted the quo manufacturing identification code request form quo te at the library, biked bought some sealing wax, and foraged some hard wood sticks 2cm diameter, so today shall make the seal necessary for completeing the form and send it in.

    Coincidentally I’ve gotten a job-offer for computer-programming for almost exactly the same thing that I’m programming in my free-time. If it all goes well, that means I’ll have money for materials to make my next boat project.

    We with You are a Network, our goal to become technologically-enabled reproducible family communities. http://weyounet.info

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    You may all be giving others advice on thsi form, and helping each other, create their image of the future… BUT you are competitors. Look at coputers, robotics, cars. While one company will create something, the others will soon follow after. They may share informaiton but they are still compeating. This compitition is more a race than a duel. (Like early computers) you are all racing to be the first to offer this product, if that one succeeds then investors will quickly jump on with the others and help you all too. It’s how compitition works… BUT the first one done will likely be the most famous, the best sold, and the one with the most free advertizment. That boost though won’t last forever and the others will likely catch up. Seasteads could be shipped and will be, so you SHOULD all think about how your steads will link with others.

    ‘Lead, Follow, or get out of my way.’ -Unknown

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    I see these ideas and that they are diverse. Each has potential, but the goals are only similar. One set is about raising food crops, another is about fuel production, another about medical advancement, another about banking, another about tourism, another about recreational drug use, another about escapism… Some want a militaristic group, others want a single-family farm at sea, others want loose-morals and loose women, ad infinitum/ad nauseum.

    The key is not competition, at this point, but cooperation that builds into these (and other) diverse ideas. First, we all need shelter and there are many ideas that have been presented, from diverse short, mid and long-term goals. It is a tree with all of us as roots, building into a trunk, before branching out and bearing fruit.



    Never be afraid to try something new…

    Remember, amateurs built the ark, professionals built the Titanic.

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    It COULD be a tree with all of us as roots, building into a trunk, before branching out and bearing fruit.

    But no seed so far.

    Profile photo of elspru

    OCEANOPOLIS wrote:

    It COULD be a tree with all of us as roots, building into a trunk, before branching out and bearing fruit.

    But no seed so far.

    could say we are already the tree that is seasteading, and we are bearing fruit, with every seastead structure we float out.

    Insterestingly enough, I call my phi-boats seed-stead sometimes, due to their resemblance to seeds.

    We with You are a Network, our goal to become technologically-enabled reproducible family communities. http://weyounet.info

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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