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Community Militia or Private Defense Agency

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    Would you consider a communal militia or a PDA more rational/effective while on a “seastead”?

    Avatar of 12mile

    Obviously there would be a need to identify incoming ships and aircraft for threat assessment. The USS Cole indident comes to mind here. Don’t think that a milita, or at least my concept of one, quite fits this need.

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    This presumes we have all the equipment to detect threats and react to them, with trained forces. If ALL eligible persons are trained, then it becomes more of a moot point. Still need detection and identification systems, as well as a PA and other communications, armament and trained personnel



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    We can follow the example of the atom,

    and have electrons or orbiting scouts,

    which could be a robot.

    It’s one of the jobs available in the intentional-community, is to do patrols or security.

    though in biological-cells the main security measures are passive additions to the cell-wall or border.

    so for instance installing turrets or camouflauge landscaping.

    So if there is no urgent threat, security people can work on adding and maintaining the passive security measures.

    Also recall that the main thing a cell does is produce parts for itself based on the DNA plan, with a goal of reproduction.

    Some of the parts are food production (gardens chrloroplasts) or materials recycling (stomach lysosome).

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    Avatar of chadsims

    Depending on the size of the community I would say an armed populous would be a great deterant. Then add on I would have voted in ‘constables’ for policing type work, threat detection, and emergency command. (All other decisions would be made by popular vote in my vision). Require everyone to have some minor training in gun use, and what to do in X emergency, and you’d probably be safe enough. If bigger, I’d still go with a public police force. But any police officer can be fired by popular vote, since it is a public possition. No matter the size I think patrols and the like may be a bit extream. If someone wanted to get at you that much, you’d probably already know it, and either call for international support, or arm yourself appropriatly and START patrols by the residents.

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    new guy

    You have a right to defend yourself but if you create an organized militia with uniforms and rank, that might be seen as an invitation for others to view you as a threat (waco but on the water).

    I think you could still train and be armed, but just avoid the uniforms and miltia look. Sometimes I think it was not only what you do but how you sell it that makes the deal.

    Avatar of Jeff Chan
    Jeff Chan

    I would do both: have every adult armed and trained, and also have community defense sensors and resources and some personnel dedicated especially to monitoring external security.

    This happens to be the Swiss model in essence: every adult male within an age range is armed and in the militia, but there is also a professional officer corps that does training and provides structure and guidance in the event of invasion.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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