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College at a Seastead

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    A post on another forum about seasteading made me think of this. What if you could get a small seastead near a reef? Why not have an environmental college on the seastead. Courses like alternative energy, oceanography, fish farming, hydroponics, diving, sailing, maybe underwater welding, ship repair etc. Just a crazy thought. But I remember looking at Prescott college for their programs 20 plus years (yes I am that old) ago.

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    That sounds pretty nice.

    To begin with maybe just a small private “school” with courses as you describe, easier to get approved/build/run right away then.

    Makes me think of similar things like youth clubs, preschools and night courses for adults – the benefit of the idea is that you don’t need all the infrastructure even a family house would require.


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    They could always use one as a research platform.

    If some professor got a grant, they could use one at some location with students to study some phenomenon.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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