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Cheap Land for a start

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    After reading the Belize post I started to think more of a test start building site. I did not want to flood the Belize post with other ideas for location so I am creating this post.

    Thoughts for the post would be just to list areas that might be a choice for a start up. Then an another post can be started if people want to discuss it. So I will start

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    Detroit Michigan, water access, cheap land, all modern conveniences , and access to alot of unemployed labor.

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    Ken Sims
    Chucker wrote:
    Detroit Michigan, water access, cheap land, all modern conveniences , and access to alot of unemployed labor.

    Two things come to mind right away:

    1. It’s pretty fair distance to the ocean.

    2. Winter weather – cold and snow.

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    Already industrial. Continued reelection of Ron Paul is evidence of intelligent life there. Business climate much better than most of US. Freeport is currently nealry abandoned downtown, but I hear it is mostly controlled by one landowner who is holding out for exhorbitant rents. There is a lot of industry around the channels, and an inland waterway between an island, Quintana, and the mainland.

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    Texas! Then your still close to a lot of wonderful resort destinations, have depth in the GoM (Oil, too, thanks to BP)…

    ALTHOUGH, the mess from Japan floating in, looks promising, too…



    Never be afraid to try something new…

    Remember, amateurs built the ark, professionals built the Titanic.


    Instead of throwing wild ideas and pinpointing spots on the map based on “first brainstorming” we might get more progress if we could digg out basic cost figures all over the world.

    I would suggest to investigate the following basic cost structure country by country spot by spot.

    For example labor cost is 1:10 between north and south america – the cost of adequate living space during the build – between Michigan and the caribbean maybe 1:100 – in the caribbean you hang a Hamac in open space and sleep just fine (have been there have done that) – in Michigan you freeze to death. A tent with moskito protecction is just pure luxury in the caribbean – in Michigan it is a death trap. This kind of calc is part of the cost structure and must be part of a business plan. Land purchase cost is more a secondary factor on the cost front.


    Cost of a sack of cement,

    Cost of 1 ton premix concrete in truck from the mix plant

    Cost of 1 ton structural building in concrete

    Cost of 1 ton structural building in steel

    Cost of one labor hour (including insurance etc…I

    Cost of anchor and mooring or land rent and purchase

    Cost of expected third party interference (papers, permit, inspections, etc…)

    Cost of living

    Cost of visa



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    But will not comment because people that comment like you Ellmar are the reason SeaSteads will never work.

    A box is a box. You live in a box.



    sorry for making a comment that came over negative – if you want i can edit it out…just wanted to see some solid ground to come to solid conclusions…

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    Ya seriously, in Canada everyone lives in a heated home, cause otherwise you’d freeze to death.

    It’s true that in the tropical latitudes, it’s much easier to live, and would certainly make sense to be near the Grand Line.

    Wow, I remeber on my trip to Thailand, I could sleep of the floor if I wanted to. If I do that in Canada, I get a cold, cause the ground is just about always cold, unless it’s someones roof or big rock on a hot sunny day..

    Imagine sleeping on deck, in the tropical latitudes nestled in the doldrums, a warm and pleasant experience.

    btw I added SOBIZ and Arenaaqua to the seasteaders map as potential community locations.

    I’ve gotta admit that from my impression America and detroit particularly is a terrifying place, people with guns, that get angry easily, tending towards illeteracy with low IQ’s. Though I do hear that more recently detroit has had more urban gardening going on, which is certainly a good thing.

    Is there some abandonded shipyard or some place you can start building seasteads?

    We with You are a Network, our goal to become technologically-enabled reproducible family communities. http://weyounet.info

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    I was having a bad day. More of our jobs went to India today. I would not want you to edit it. You are correct in making sure you look at all the “real life” cost.

    Let me state a little more of my Idea for this thread.

    First was for a test area not for a release site.

    Second Belize is expensive compared to other countries in the area. So wanted people to think of places like Columbia.

    Third the Great Lakes are at my back door. (ok 22 miles from it) Been on them alot in my life.

    I am not stuck to anyone area, but by having a list I can use my real estate skills to research places.

    I do admit a warm climate that you can host investors at is a HUGH plus.

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    Hide my guns if


    comes to visit.

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    He won’t know what this “objects: are,…

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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