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casino gambling

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    I think the casino gambling brings up a good point. Some want it, some do not.

    I do not care for gambling.  It would be easier for me to live at a seastead that has no gambling around it.

    It would also be easier for me if there were no drinking alcohol, no smoking pot, snorting ….  smoking pipes, no methlab.

    But those are still around even on land.


    I had lived in Las Vegas, NV for about a year and a half.  I can take the gambling, but after a while it gets too much.

    And to me it seems to be true, that gambling does not produce any social value.  In my opinion gambling is a

    zero sum game.  Though, yesterday I bought a lottery ticket. I do that once or twice a year. Gambling is not my choice of



    And this problem brings up an interesting subject.  I think, seasteading on a big ship is difficult, because different people

    have to live on the same ship.  Some might want gambling, and others do not.  And they ‘locked’ together on the same ship.


    Multiples of floating marina type of living might be more favorable solution to this problem.

    When members have liveabord boats in a floating marina, and they can freely travel between marinas, than

    all can be happy.  This might be kind of like the states in the US. Some rules are different in different states.

    Specially there is a difference of the rules of the state of Nevada as far as gambling is concerned.

    Those who do not like it, do not have to live in Nevada.


    Well, anyways again, that is how I see it, and that is how I could write it down.


    Hopefully Respectfully;




Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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