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Camp site?

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    Yes, I was putting a max valuation of $60,000 for the houseboats, which leaves $40,000 value being placed on the business. This leaves a lot of room for negotiation. They might take $60,000 cash. The location is good for local traffic from Miami and Ft. Lauderdale doing weekend rentals. The recession has resulted in a lot of people travelling close to home. Are the boats diesel? If so, they could run on bio-diesel, filtered used vegetable oil from the restaurants, which is a green selling point and a lot cheaper than diesel, even free in a lot of cases. It could work with good marketing. I’m not impressed with the web site – a lot of room for improvement for SEO optimization. Can the bosts cruise to Key West and back? It could be used as a berth of convenience to add more boats, with some always away from the slips.

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    For that money, they’d (the houseboats) better be in good running order, engines and everything. I doubt that they have diesels. Usually, with houseboats, they drop diesels in the big ones, from 45′ LOA up. I will call and ask few questions and get back to you with a PM.

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    As far as loans go, I was thinking incremental. Start with one 10×10 built myself. Test it out on my own, probably use a jetski to tow it, then anchor it close to shore.

    Camp a bit then go from there.

    I guess that would be the first step. I just saw on someone else’s post that leasing may be more profitable than selling.

    Plus, the more I make, the more small islands can then be converted into one huge island with revenue.

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    Also, in order to avoid banks involvment (sry, but I hate them with a vengeance), a time share ownership can be set up in order to raise more capital, IMHO.



    Lake Leamon Campground

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    there u guy Elmo! sayonara sucker!


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    That can be build from plywood for less than $1000, ready to roll!


    with 2 breakwater modules in triangular configuration , tip pointing to main wave direction , you can rent out the calm waterspace of the triangle as “breakwater marina camp ground” – floating platforms, houseboats welcome…beer bait tackle available.


    See more about floating breakwater marina here

    Doing it in a somewhat protected waterspace to avoid the worst of the ocean like in a lagoon or an archipelago site (example san bernardo) in a low third party interference area can get you going.

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    Lake Leamon Campground

    Can make something like that with a styrotree catamaran, and some plywood ontop.

    Today my friends at occupy-toronto managed to retrieve some large plywood from a demolition site.

    also there is lots of wood just laying around in various areas around toronto and the forest.

    I’ll have to get some of that styrofoam from home-depot, cheap steaming iron from canadian-tire, and make some pontoons.

    but after that (and anchors) we could get something like that set up, and occupy the lake.

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Viewing 9 posts - 16 through 24 (of 24 total)

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