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Bringing It All Together.

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    On an introspective, philosophical (?) note.

    I was checking my private messages today and one thing caught my eyes,..it said “Member for, 45 weeks 11 hours”. I stood there for a minute or so, digesting this numbers, and realizing that, a lot has been said and done here @ TSI about seasteading during all this time. While still in this trace-like state of mind, another realization happened, that the seasteading movement has reached and already passed the point of no return. Sooner or later, TSI’s “Poseidon Project” or a later version of the ClubStead will be built. Sooner or later OSDI’s MMK project will be built. Sooner or later CONCRETESURMARINES’s CMR 2012 project (or a version of it) will be built. Sooner or later GENESIS’s offshore aquaculture project will be built.

    Which brings me to the topic of the day, “Bringing It All Together”. It was actually the subject of an e-mail John send to me and Calin in which he was adressing far reaching aspects of seasteading beyond profitability and engineering topics. I quote:

    “…….and focus on projects aimed at creating a better world, less pollution and overfishing, establishing oceanic parks , experimenting with new ways of sustainable living,etc,,,

    How to “Bringing It All Together” seems to be the million dollar question…. Yes, future seasteads HAVE to be profitable,…but will they follow the path of the current capitalistic way of doing “business”? Or, is there a better way? Are these ongoing “for profit” seasteading projects maybe missing the extremely important social-political dimmension of seasteading? Should we focus on being profitable first and deal with the “better world” latter, or this ideals should be concurrent?


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    Octavian, did you get a copy of our company overview? Seems we’re on the same page here…

    Either way, isn’t what John says the core of what seasteading is? Building better worlds? It’s why GENESIS started with aquaculture, true wealth is the possession of resources. And once we enable a single person to feed hundreds, with no effort, minimal capital and no environmental impact, we’ve succeeded. Creating something from what is traditionally seen as nothing =)

    I’m posting this from the farm by the way, we’ve just finished our first fish cage(the first one broke :p)

    King Shannon of the Constitutional Monarchy of Logos.

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    And a tear to my eye

    Octavian, thank you very much for bring this up… and before anyone else says that it has been discussed before I would like to say it would only benefit us to talk about it again.

    I recently posted in the “OceanStead Development Internation (OSDI)” thread along these lines.

    “There has to be accountablity in all actions we as the human species take…

    Unfortunately, while this is an easy concept to grasp, most sectors of society fail miserably to fully comprehend the impact that their actions have or take the need to precautions to ensure future health and safety. As the next logical exodus in human history, the seasteading movement has the opportunity to chart these waters (unintended pun) in a way never before available. From the media resources available to the obvious public scrutiny we will garner in this endevour come the pressures that will allow/force us to face the realities of any potentially ecologically harmful action taken (including waste management).

    Any tool/system we utilize must be designed, from the outset, to support and accomodate an “eco-friendly”/”Limited carbon imprint” mind set to offset any potentially anti-seasteading sentiment.”

    A common native american (indian LOL) belief, that was up held in both practical and spiritual manners, was that we all (humanity) owe mother earth our devotion and it is our responsibility to care for her. For a culture that evolved well before the modern concept of pollution this was an extremely progressive thought… They had inferred from generations of living from the land that while large, it was not infinite and could be damaged. They knew, instictively, that the earth could be damaged to the point where humanity would no longer be able to survive and decided that it was in thier best interest to protect her. Never completely lost, this idea has been superceded by the greed inherint in the “currency culture”… It has come back envoge, and I hope not too late.

    At least that is how I feel… please any who disagree understand that what I post in most cases in my opinion and I would never force any other to accept it as the ultimate trueth (though hopefully one day human kind will up hold the earth as she has up held humanity… with out thinking about what it gets in return).

    Thank you


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    Aquaculture is a great and noble undertaking. It is one that I hope will be one of the pioneering forces in the SeaSteading movement and being based in the Orient (where fish farming has been practiced for four thousand years) you have positioned yourself very well. We will be talking in the near future (on TSI and in private I hope) about the roles and development processes that SeaSteading will progess along.

    Thank you


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    Hey. I don’t know if this is the sort of thing you were looking for, but I hope it helps anyway. Basically, I was thinking to (1) design a single-family stead and profit by selling them and (2) developing methods for people to grow enough food to survive on their own in a small space (i.e. one of the steads I just sold them). The idea is that it will promote a free society by giving men the ability to say “no”- to pick their own location and people with whom they can associate (thus breaking the bonds of distasteful society) and to live on their own. Maybe not comfortably- that’s where the incentive to form a society is- but still able to survive entirely alone. With these capabilities, a ‘steader will no longer be able to be forced into contracts except at gunpoint, and thus freedom will stand a far greater chance of thriving than in the current land-choked system. Maybe it’s naive, maybe it’s a gross oversimplification, and maybe I’m rambling, but that’s my hope.

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