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    Now if Blueseed worked as an outsourcing company that would be fine. Or if a resident of Blueseed, without a valid U.S. work visa, wants to work as a freelancer then that would work too. But a U.S. company cannot hire a full-time employee who is not a U.S. citizen or holds a valid U.S. work visa.

    Why would any company want to hire full-time (meaning direct hire permanent) employees? Why would anyone want to be a direct hire? The supposed benefits are meaningless in today’s fluid economy. Contract is the only way to go.

    Sorry, but this is looking more and more like a scam to me. A huge burst of media coverage in the last week or so and nobody is asking these simple questions. And they continue to call it seasteading.

    If you ask me, all this focus on Blueseed is a worse setback to the cause of seasteading than having links to inane rants on the front page of the TSI website. The more you link seasteading with profit-motive enterprises like Blueseed or medical tourism or data/tax havens the more the general public dismisses the seasteading movement as a scam or get-rich-quick scheme.

    I don’t see where Blueseed would be considered a scam. The principals are from TSI management, and it is a legitimate start-up. Nowhere do I see any intent to defraud either investors or customers.

    ‘Profit-motive’ enterprises are needed to support the extra costs of building on the ocean and provide a livelihood to those who settle there. The biggest challenge I’ve seen from the beginning is developing an economic reason to colonize the oceans.

    Blueseed would be the first stationary colony to have permanent or long term residents who live as well as work on the platform.

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    It’s PUSSY. i_is_j_smith_PUSSY.

    OHHH, “I am, at least, heartened to see that the Blueseed folks are watching this thread closely. I’ve noticed several updates to the FAQ referencing just the issues I’ve brought up recently. “

    Stop smoking crack dude! It will only worsen your disillusional ego!

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    I mean, they even say they will setup right in the contiguous zone…the zone where the U.S. has full right to prevent “infringement of its customs, fiscal, immigration or sanitary laws and regulations within its territory or territorial sea”. I’m sure the U.S. can make a pretty good case that Blueseed infringes on its customs, fiscal, and immigration laws. No mention of that on the FAQ.

    Actually, last I knew, Blueseed was planning on paying for a full time US Customs officer to be at the harbor to expedite processing traffic from the platform.


    It is of essence that we do NOT put all our eggs into just one basket. Split the budget into lets say 10 equal parts and dedicate each part to one start up project to give it a try to come “real world” – then let the 10 projects develop and assume that 8 or 9 get shut down by some not predictable local factors, ( a intransigent coast guard official, a anti seasteading neighborhood initiative, customs not playing along, etc…) in the first year.

    Pack up the failed start ups and re- asign their budgets to the 1-2 project left standing after the first year. You will end up with 1-2 seasteading projects “in the saddle” after the pilot project year and have some first success to report in a “media package” to go and look for larger scale investment and take it to the next level.

    That is how big research driven companies do business – they always have dozends of pilot projects in their “pipelines” and they assume from the very beginning that due to circumstances of any kind only a few of those will make it in the end.

    And this brings us back to Blueseed if TSI is touting big media on a single project that can fail in the very start up phase very easyly due to any kind of factors, a failure of Blueseed will be seen as a failure of the Seasteading Movement – so my advice : do not put all your eggs into one basket.

    Well but i am giving free advice that nobody wants to hear on a “hidden forum” – with “no value asigned on the frontpage” – i normally get paid for my advice – so i will let it there…




    yes, the multiple egg strategy does not only apply to multiple sites in multiple countries, but also for multiple business concepts in each of the locations. You never know what site or business concept will end up as the winner before you test it out – normally it is not the first idea that is the “great idea” but the 5th one – so you must be prepared to make it to test the 5th one. A test project business concept should always be designed to allow for plan B,C, D…

    We must have clear that seasteading is happening in a ambient where many factors and parameteres can change very quickly – so being small and universal is a big advantage – in changing ambients the big dinos without alternative food source always get extinct first…and quick, so playing it multi site, small scale, and diverse business, is almost a demand of natural laws of risk distribution…

    Going big is for long term stable ambients only …



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    I do hear you man,… If I’d have A DOLLAR for every decent, solid piece of free advice I gave around here, or anywhere else,… Maybe could have been a millionaire by now,…:)

    But let’s not be egotistical :) I say let’s give them good advice based on our experience. It is for a good cause, our cause, and the WHEEL is always turning. Karma.

    Your wise advice, “don’t put your eggs in one basket” should be taken “ad literam”,…translation: A “one industry” seastead is very succeptible to failure. See land based examples as in the steel industry, the northestern belt US cites rusting out as we speak.

    Give yourself PLAN B, C, D, E and F. While you are doing internet business aboard as your main source of income, allow for some hospitality-casino-boating-recreational-fishing-salvage industries in your budget,…just in case. Your are 12 nm offshore, it will work.

    Hey, they’might be young there but they are smart. They’ll learn fast that being “offshore” it’s the biggest asset they have so far and they should use it to the max.

    I do think they will refine their business concept. No doubt about that.

    PS. If, they do take their time, read our posts, and dig them. Otherwise, it won’t be for the first time we are just writing “monolouges” :)

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    So I guess Blueseed has a bunch of answers, since they answered everyone’s questions at the meetup to the delight and teenage girl-like admiration of TSI. I’d sure love to hear “some of the costs and benefits of various options including satellites, point-to-point optical laser on tethered blimps, underwater cables, and a buoy relay system.”

    Blueseed loves to post on the forums to hock their wares…care to answer questions too? Or are you nervous about associating with the crazy elements on a forum so extreme it has to be hidden from casual visitors to the website?

    Anyone who was there want to pass along any details?

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    A unused dock somewhere in the world with a controlled “test” seastead is where concepts could be tested. No need to be at sea.

    Just an understanding government.

    To many “what ifs” to go to sea in the morning.

    Food, water, shelter (space for business), internet, etc


    ….In all, Blueseed will need $10 million to charter a ship and get this project off the ground….???!!!!

    My best wishes to blueseed…


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    we all know its the scrappy grass-roots people like us that r gunna win out.


    Inventor of the “Bergstead”

    I cant afford this project send me money!


    …well they have 50K in the funding box – who else of the people talking here can say that? – i remember from earlier discussions that projects of 5K / month funding volume exceeded the frame of “we can do that”…

    – so again there must be something they do very right….

    I personally must admit that i had to build a 20 ton working prototype BEFORE a investor would put 50K on my project table, and then i had to build a 200 ton hull from that 50K budget and keep it in budget – and still my investors are not even talking about putting 500K on the table and less 10 mill….

    And my investors are so nervious that even a summer breeze could shu them away…

    So for the universe i live in it is a tremendous achivement to have 50K in the box after having a beer talk at fiddlers green – and nothing in the water still….i would not underestimate this project although there might still be a budget shortfall of factor 200.



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    I don’t really care one way or the other how much funding they have, or who their investors are. The money aspect doesn’t interest me at all.

    What does interest me is the engineering and technical aspects of the project, and how they can be applied to “real” seasteading. Considering all the attention TSI is giving them, they could be a little less stingy about passing on their technical experiences with the TSI community.

    I mean, come on…no podcast or audio or even a transcript of the meetup event? Did everyone who attended have to sign a NDA or something?

    Since Blueseed is so reluctant to pass along any actual information about the project beyond vague promises I assume they really don’t have any real technical or engineering information to share. Which is why I went with the whole “scam” thing.

    Either share your information with the seasteading community, or I assume 1) you don’t have any real information, and 2) you have abandoned the seasteading community in pursuit of profits and business models.


    can’t blame them for not passing on info.

    in all projects there is a inner management circle that has the info – and the rest has to work with the info that is released in the “press map”.

    I have no illusion that our forums here are not considered part of their inner circle so do not recieve all the info in real time.

    We may be kind of fed up that TSI is giving them so much attention and treats us as outsiders but this does not make blueseed a bad project.

    It is obvious that they can not have hammered it out in all details in this project phase – and as a latin proverb says “si tacuisses philosophus mansisses” – free translated – shut up if don`t have to say something smart yet – because if you say nothing people might still take you for smart, but if you open your mouth and say something stupid your chance to pass for smart is gone.

    So i would expect they just try to get their act together and the more hostility they will percieve on this forum the less info they wil pass over.

    I do not give away all my project insider info to people who try to crucify me – so i see their behavior more as an indicator that they are smart people cooking something not ready for press release yet, than anything else.

    And – if we don´t care about funding – the whole discussion is useless. Talking about things you have no funds for is just phantasy. Only funds bring things to reality. If we talk about seasteading without thinking about funds we could also talk about the fishing rights of the klingon empire in the M42 galaxy … pure waste of time in my universe.

    Funds is the center of any real world seasteading project – not discussion – not engineering – and blueseed seems to understand that and get the priorities right.


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