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blueseed going more honeycomb shell style

Home Forums Research Engineering blueseed going more honeycomb shell style

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    honeycomb shell blueseed
    I just found this picture of Blueseed much less deck barge style and much more honeycomb shell style – this definitly can handle Draupner waves – good job keep going this path…
    The old version i did not like so much due to the default on tail event worthyness…

    Small seasteads of ship size require wave overwash capability since the non linear wave model is in place – at least one side of the build needs to be up to the task to take on Draupner Waves if moving out of a protected bay to open sea is on the table.
    concrete fiber shell
    This kind of honeycomb shells was suggested to get lightfull interior and wave impact safe shell properties together…

    The project seems to be closing in on the “oceanic bubble living space concept” this is a sign of following good advise and go away from “first thought barge concepts” – very promising.

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    If they’ll ever do something, BlueSeed will charter a cruise ship and refit it, nothing else… Those are just marketing graphics :)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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