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biorock hull

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    It would be interesting to see if biorock can be grown in the shape of a hull of a boat.


    Biorock is made from seawater via electro-accumulation. Chicken wire, solar panels.

    And a hull would grow. Would be nice.


    Or may be the combination of concrete foam, ferrocement, and biorock, and may be

    sand from the seabed.

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    Theodore Schultz

    If you look into the Archives of this Forum, you will find that much has been said about Biorock.  A problem was that early depictions of the material had the math wrong, and prohibitive amounts of energy are required to make it, based on power and time versus mass produced.  As far as using Biorock techniques to coat and protect metal structures, though, I think that has much more potential.  Steel is cheap, and Biorock is only a step or two away from anodic corrosion protection techniques that are already well established.

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    Thank you for your comment Mr.Schultz.


    I appreciate the info about the archives, so I do not have to invent things, that I would be

    stealing from others.  And repeated ideas do not bring fruitful topic discussions.


    Coating metal structures is an interesting idea.


    Interesting that ‘biorock’ grows around a coated electrode, and it keeps growing.

    At least , that is how I understand.  I wonder if seal reinforced concrete could be coated when

    the reinforcing steal would be the anode within the concrete structure.


    By the way, has anidoc corrosion ever been used as a naval weapon? -))


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    D A M = Mothers Against Dyslexia

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    Anodic weapons.  Thats funny.  But dont u think if our military could get that close they would prob just blow shit up?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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