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BaseStead strategy

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    “In 20yrs you’ll be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by those you did. So throw off the lines, sail away, catch the trade winds, Explore, Dream, Discover.” Mark Twain

    To Jason. I think your experiments and expertize you are gaining w/renewable energy and micro-agriculture will prove essential one day for the seasteading community. In terms of my “solo” project,…I have been doing a lot of thinking for the last few weeks,…specialy after Dan introduced the “Basesteading” concept. My dilema is now, shud i go on as the “lone ranger” as planned before this concept, or wait and see what is developing out of the Basestead? After all, no man is an island in itself,…Woudnt be better for me as well as for all involved here to deeper explore this exiting concept and have a chance to jumpstart the seasteasding process? Soooooo, I’m on a stand by. “E pluribus unum.”

    To Patri. A lot of us are on the same page about Basesteading as beeing the next “step”toward building a Seastead. Would it make sense @ this point in time to form a for profit financial “entity”, allowing us to raise capital for financing Basestead? I know that TSI is bound by the non profit status. But what if we look @ TSI as the “brain” of the seasteading organism and @ this “entity” as the body of it, able to implement TSI decisions? TSI and (lets say, for the lack of a better name) TSI Inc. will have a symbiotic relation w/links between the two web pages. Since not all the people who would like to live on a Seastead might like (or can, in the near future) to live on the Basestead, TSI Inc. shud not be limited to basesteaders alone but open to ALL seasteders. Anybody who wants to get involved will pay a monthly membership fee and out of them I am sure there will be volunteers for Basesteading. The rest could get inolved w/TSI Inc. as associates and market their skills to generate more revenue, or/and participate in the Seastead logistic infrastructure. For example, I think that you will serve the cause better by continuing to be the seasteading “ambassador” and not live on the Basestead. (hope you’ll visit:-) Pastor Jason will serve better on Basestead organizing food production, or me supervising the Seastead construction process,etc. I know that there are still a lot of issues to be adressed and it will take time, but if we start raising capital now(and make some interest on it, or invest in the market??) 1 year from now if we are ready will have something to start with. 500 pp @ $30.00/wk will give us $780,000.00 next year, not counting outside contributions, and other revenues that TSI Inc. can produce. Just a thought:-).

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    Basestead… for profit? Had not though along those lines yet. My original idea was to form a co-operative community (similar to co-housing but an intimate step closer as we’ll be more involved in providing for our daily needs together, as a collective). When some left for the launch of the first Seastead, those who remain behind would open up basestead for new “future seasteaders” and the cycle would continue and grow.

    I’m not at all against doing basestead for profit, my question is how would we pull it off?

    Live Well!


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    Patri wrote:
    Thanks, that is a very kind thing to say. I will certainly consider moving to a Basestead. The reasons I can see not to are: * If it would make my wife and son unhappy. * Being physically located and involved in a single seasteading group might make it harder for me to lead the global seasteading movement, because I am wrapped up in one group and approach. * It’s harder to reach potential donors, grow the movement, from an out-of-the-way place. I don’t think this is a very strong argument – it is already a global movement, so I already have to fly places for it all the time. * Less networking. I have found the SF Bay area very advantageous for things like, well, meeting our major donor and our employees and many of our volunteers, making contacts with other futurist nonprofits, etc. Anyway, all that said, I would certainly consider joining a BaseStead project, and if one comes up I will discuss it with my family, the TSI staff, and Board. The cruise ship condo project I am thinking about starting is one possibility for a BaseStead.

    All of those concerns are valid ones. I am very happy your first concern was for your family. If there was any doubt about what kind of man you are, you just answered those doubts.

    If a few of us bring families along, our spouses and children will not be lonely. I can only guess that the women who are attracted to crazy visionary freedom loving men would likely have at least a few things in common and hopefully find a kinship. Afterall, if the men start this new society it will certainly be the women who direct the forming of our new culture in ways we could never legislate (nor would we seek to).

    I think that if your goal is to launch a Seastead, getting involved in basestead would be a great move. Seasteading will eventually be for anyone and everyone… at the moment it looks like the pioneers will be libertarians. Just like America’s first were pilgrims. Eventually everyone else comes… but the first group has to be just that… a group.

    I actually chuckled at your third reason as you shot it down as you were typing it. It is a global movement, let’s start acting like it and get out of our comfort zones. Time to Basestead!

    You are right about networking in the SF area. Consider this: What is the one commonality that just about all futurist nonprofits and nation building group have in common? They don’t actually get out there and start trying it out. What would provide better opportunity? The ability to meet with these other groups when-ever, or the established success of a basestead getting ready to launch Seastead Alpha when you take a trip up to SF to meet with a group of interested futurists about their possible roles in Seastead Beta?

    You’ve gotten great PR and Seasteading is a growing interest. Don’t let it stagnate! A cruise ship condo might be a basestead of sorts and I already mentioned my interest in taking that route on another thread. Keep working on this step with the intent of making it happen. Not just for TSI but for you and Shannon and Tovar as well.

    My $0.02 is that basesteading should be a realistic step to seasteading. The sooner basestead is established the better off the seasteading community (and thus TSI) will be in general.

    Live Well!


Viewing 3 posts - 46 through 48 (of 48 total)

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