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Bali or Thai style cottage / houseboat

Home Forums Community General Chat Bali or Thai style cottage / houseboat

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    I’m spending considerable time over in Thailand as I married a Thai lady. But she lives up in a northern town rather than down in the coastal areas. I’m a boating person who needs some time near the water.
    The thought has occurred to me after spending a delightful afternoon on a bamboo raft vessel for lunch and siesta, that it might be quite nice to have a seaside cottage in the style of a Bali or Thai style built on a floating platform for mobility along the coastline.

    Has anyone ever seen such a vessel, raft, barge??

    Here are a few pics of the rafts on the lake up north ( well lets see, Im brand new to this forum, so I don’t know how to add an image. I’ll have to find out. It seems as though each forum has its own methology)
    Meantime here is a web reference to a boating forum where I posted some photos:
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    Over in Thailand at the moment and looking thru a few forums I ran into this reference to a series of photos where a fellow ‘rafted’ some rivers of Thailand…

    “Forget the Mekong…get whatever rig you want and stay on any of the many rivers in Thailand…I just sold a raft I lived on for four years on the Mae Klong River (think up and down from Kanchanaburi (Kwae Yai, Kwae Noi))…loved it, miss it…needed the dough or I’d still be there…many photos at:


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    Great photos! And as someone commented, the biggest worries would likely be weather and security. But in a safe and sheltered area those boats would be great.

    My wife and I are full-time liveaboards on a 33′ sloop. Weather doesn’t bother us much as it’s an over-engineered brick of fiberglass. As for security…12-gauges and hornet spray.

    Much like Eskimos and snow, boat people have over 30 words for “leak.”

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    Might I suggest something in a similar vein…? I forget the name of the people, but there is a group of either Indian, or Asian people that live at sea. They come to land to repair vessels, get married, build new vessels and (I think) for funerals and tribal meetings… They lost very few in the Tsunami that hit that region and killed thousands… Designing multi-use ‘rooms’ is fundamental to th compact living arrangements in historic Oriental architecture. I remember the tribe from a National Geographic type documentary…



    Never be afraid to try something new…

    Remember, amateurs built the ark, professionals built the Titanic.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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