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Back in L.A.

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    I was fairly active on here a couple years ago, but shortly after moving to Los Angeles, CA life became a bit too hectic and I had to step away from the computer for a while. Life is still hectic, but I’ve set aside some time to get back into seasteading.

    So I thought I would introduce myself anew. I work as a government contractor near LAX during the day and am currently taking classes at a local community college at night. I am working on an architecture degree, and hope to transfer to a Naval Architecture program as soon as I have enough credits (And can find one outside of New England).

    I’d like to do something for Ephemerisle this summer, but I’m thinking it may be a bit late for this year. The problem with being in Los Angeles is that all of the water nearby is either Public Beach, Private Beach, or Shipyard. And there are so many regulations and restrictions here, even if I were to somehow get some water, I’m not sure i would be allowed to put anything in it that’s not first USCG approved. But I intend to start looking anyway.

    It’d be great to find other people in my area that I may corroborate with.

    I see myself as a great thinker and tinkerer. I like drafting and designing and even building. I have a property on the east coast that I have completely renovated, everything from the concrete basement floor, to the electrical system, to the roof. I’d love to design and build a floating house today(Be it sub, or ship, or raft, or ….) but time and money never seem to be on my side.

    For now I’ll keep my eyes open and look for that perfect (in other words cheap & legal) spot, to start my own work.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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