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artificial leaves – production of hydrogen

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    MIT recently came up with “artificial leaves” that separate water into hydrogen and oxygen, using sunlight.

    Something like this would allow offshore platforms to produce hydrogen for fuel, which could be used or sold.


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    Hey, good stuff, along with solar fibonacci trees,


    we’ll be able to have fully artificial trees, which look fairly natural,

    only issue would be how to collect and store the HO gas produced, as well as replenish the water, though some plastic sleeve on the leaves might be able to do it.

    of course we have the option of using ordinary solar-panels and then converting the electricity to HO gas, which should be much easier with these new catalysts. Hmmm, actually producing HO gas has always been rather easy, it’s the conversion of HHO gas to electricity in fuel-cells which required expensive catalysts such as platinum, if it can be catalyzed by these more common metal catalysts then it would have made the process cheaper.

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    That sounds like a great idea… but I can think of a problem. How long does it take Hydrogen and Oxegen to reform naturally? I know the main by product of Hydrogen for power is water. BUT does it release enough water to counter the amount of time it’ll take out. The problem being… 100 years down the line is the ocean level going to have dropped dramatically? Sure we seem to have unlimited water right now and I’m no tree hugger, but if we’re going to do this we might as well make sure we do it right.

    As far as the Fibonacci design…

    “Dwyer’s results may be deeply flawed.”

    I applaud the kid on his clever thinking, but I wouldn’t take his word on it until it has been proven and retested.

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    Indirect lighting still produces solar electricity. The means to collect it, in concert with direct solar (more powerful) is the modulated output. Combining 2 or more AC sources is easier than combining DC sources. Look uo Gorilla Solar… They use excess solar electricity, matched to grid AC to add power to the grid, covertly. The method is through fairly simple, readily available electronics.



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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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